Coolest Rattle Snake Cake

Homemade Rattle Snake Cake

This homemade rattle snake cake was made for my son’s snake-themed 6th birthday party. I started with a chocolate box cake in a tube pan (the kind made for angel food cake). Once it was baked and cooled, I sliced a ½ inch “doughnut” shape off the top to level the cake. I carefully reserved … Read more

Coolest Snake And Mouse Cake

Snake And Mouse Cake

My nephew had two birthday parties. He enjoyed cutting into his lobster cake so much, I decided another animal shaped cake was the way to go for his second party. He’s started to get into reptiles and I’ve seen pics before, so I went with a snake cake. Being the little boy that he is, … Read more

Coolest Serpant Birthday Cake

Homemade Serpant Birthday Cake

My son was having a hard time deciding what kind of party to have. He was turning 8 and had kind of grown out of a lot of those kid birthday themes so, we decided to come up with Indiana Jones birthday party. It was going to be a hit. I made him a Serpant … Read more

Easy Cake Recipes and Ideas for a Snake Cake 3

I got the idea for this cake from this web site for easy cake recipes. My son loves reptiles so this was a perfect idea. This snake has the colors of the Arizona Coral Snake. This cake is made from two bundt cakes.

Coolest Snake Cake Idea

Homemade Snake Cake Idea

I used 3 bundt cakes. For the “skin”, I used Duff’s cobblestone plastic mold and molded the fondant before putting it on the cake. I used yellow gel coloring mixed with water and painted the design on the snake. For the eyes, I cut slits in the fondant and stuck yellow M&M’s in the slit. … Read more

Coolest Snake Cake

Homemade Snake Cake

Like many on this web site, I made my Snake Cake using two bunt cakes. I cut both bunts in half and placed three of the halves together in opposite directions, then I cut the final piece in half again. I used one of those halves as the tail and the other as the face, … Read more

Coolest Snake Birthday Cake Decorating Idea 0

This birthday cake decorating idea was a huge hit! We decided to have our sons 3rd birthday Animal-themed since he loves animals. Thanks to this site I was able to browse through many animal cakes and ultimately I decided to go with this birthday cake decorating idea.I followed the suggestions of using 2 bundt cakes … Read more

Easy Cake Recipes and Ideas for a Snake Cake 4

I saw the snake cake idea here and knew it would be perfect for my friend because shes crazy about the harmless red-sided garter snake (thamnophis sirtalis) which is commonly found at her mountain cabin. I made two easy cake recipes for homemade chocolate bunt cakes and used prepared frosting. The tongue is fruit-by-the-foot, the … Read more

Coolest Burmese Python Snake Cake

Homemade  Burmese Python Snake Cake

Okay, so let me say first that I am the Dad writing this and not familiar with cake lingo so please excuse any improper terms. My wife and my mother-in-law convinced me to help them make this Burmese Python Snake Cake for my son’s 4th birthday. He really wanted a snake cake and we liked … Read more

Coolest Snake Birthday Cake

Homemade Snake Birthday Cake

When I asked my son what cake he would like for his birthday, he replied a cake that looks like fluffy, our pet snake. Well, after searching the net for a Snake Birthday Cake, I found black plastic icing, rolled it out into the shape of a snake, then coiled it up to look as … Read more

Coolest Snake Birthday Cake Decorating Idea 1

I used this website to find a birthday cake decorating idea and the process was pretty darn easy: I started off by making two bundt cakes a day ahead, wrapped them in plastic and placed them in the fridge. The next morning I cut the cakes in half and assembled three of the halves together … Read more

Easy Cake Recipes and Ideas for a Snake Cake 5

I made this cake for my sons first birthday. We didn’t want to do a theme really so I made this snake cake. The cake was made out of two pound cakes cut in half. I used a basic pound cake made from one of my easy cake recipes. I used store bought white icing … Read more

Coolest Python Snake Cake

Homemade Python Snake Cake

This Python Snake Cake just wow-ed the party! The body is just like any other snake cake – bunt cakes work the best, but if you get fancy and use sheet cakes, you can add gummy worms in the layers as guts. The poof was the zillion milk chocolate, white chocolate & butterscotch chips the … Read more

Coolest Snake Cake

Homemade Snake Cake

I used the same method for this Snake Cake as the others on this web site which is awesome! I’ve used this site twice now for cake ideas. I did two bundt cakes, cut both in half then arranged and trimmed. Pretty easy right? Just note that when trimming, it’s always best to trim on … Read more