Coolest Rattlesnake Cake


I wanted to make a snake cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I got some really great ideas from this website, but the snakes on here were all too big! So, I started looking for something I could bake the cake in, that would take only one box of cake mix. I found a metal … Read more

Coolest Snake Birthday Cake Decorating Idea 2

I used one standard chocolate cake mix and canned icing for this birthday cake decorating idea. I baked the cake in a regular rectangle cake pan and froze it to make cutting easier. I then cut it into sections piecing the sections together into a snake pattern. Used icing to help join the various segments … Read more

Snake Birthday Cake

Snake Cake

We used the ideas from the other photos to make our first cake for our 2 year old son. Made 2 bundt cakes – one chocolate and one vanilla. Cut the tail to taper and used the scraps to piece the head together with toothpicks. It was a very hot day and the frosting was … Read more

Cool Homemade Birthday Snake Cake

Homemade  Birthday Snake Cake

After my son decided on a Birthday Snake Cake, we looked online for a bit until we found one with the colors he wanted and I went from there. I used a boxed cake mix and put 1/2 of the mix in a bundt pan and cooked it and then when it was done I … Read more

Coolest Snake Cake

Rattler Snake Cake

My nephew loves snakes (and all things ‘creepy and gross’!) so for his 5th birthday we searched for ideas and found this site for a snake cake. So many great ideas! My brother and I used two bundt cakes (one chocolate; one vanilla), one creme horn (some folks call them creme twists) for the ‘rattler’ … Read more

Coolest Snake Birthday Cake Decorating Idea 3

This was such an easy birthday cake decorating idea. I baked 2 bunt cakes. I let them cool and then wrapped them snuggly in plastic wrap. I put them in the freezer over night to firm up taking them out the next day to thaw and then decorate. I made up a batch of White … Read more

Burmese Python Snake Cake

Burmese Python Snake

I looked all over for a snake cake idea for my son’s 7th birthday. Then I found this site and was rewarded with SO many cool ideas that inspiration hit and I thought “why can’t I make a coiled snake?” So, I tried it out and this was the result. I baked two bundt cakes … Read more

Cool Homemade Rattle Snake Cake

Homemade Rattle Snake Cake

When my son first requested a snake cake for his 5th birthday I went into a bit of a panic because I thought how in the world would I be able to make a cake to look like a snake – especially as I don’t really do a lot of baking and I have never … Read more

Coolest Snake Cake

Homemade Snake Cake 28

I was so thankful to find photos on this site of how to start this snake cake. I used 4 bundt cakes – one strawberry, one chocolate, one vanilla and another vanilla to cut apart and shape the head and tail. I cut them in half and alternated them into this shape. I just used … Read more

Coolest Snake Birthday Cake Decorating Idea 4

Did this for my friends son’s party! 2 Bundt cakes cut in half to form the body, M&M’s for the back, gumballs for the eyes and a construction paper tongue! The Cupcakes topped off the birthday cake decorating idea.s sons party! 2 Bundt cakes cut in half to form the body, M&M’s for the back, … Read more

Coolest Coiled Snake Birthday Cake

Homemade Coiled Snake Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Coiled Snake Birthday Cake for 5 year old. The body of the snake was made by cooking cakes in bunt and doughnut shaped cake pans and covered with fondant. The tail was shaped with left over cake and covered with fondant as well. A textured tile was used to create the … Read more

Coolest Snake Cake

Homemade Snake Cake

The idea for this Snake Cake came from another submission on this site, (Coolest Burmese Python Snake Cake 46). I used 2 boxes of cake mix and, like the other submission, a Bundt cake pan for the bottom coil and a Williams-Sonoma donut cake pan for the top two coils. The head is made from … Read more

Coolest Snake Cake

Snake Cake

I got the idea for this snake cake from this website! I made this for my brother’s birthday. He loves snakes and has 2 as pets! I made this cake with 2 bundt cakes cut in half with both ends shaved down a little bit. I mixed green food coloring for the icing and Wilton … Read more

Coolest Snake Birthday Cake Decorating Idea 5

My niece and little cousin are both animal and reptile lovers. For their 9th birthdays (they are born two weeks apart and are not only cousins but best of friends) they asked me for a snake birthday cake. For this birthday cake decorating idea I used a 9×13 pan and made her favorite chocolate cake. … Read more