Coolest Swan Birthday Cake

Homemade Swan Birthday Cake

This homemade swan birthday cake is made from a 7″ round fruit cake. The cake was made 4 weeks prior to covering. I covered the cake in marzipan and then covered with Ivory icing. The swans were made by run outs and when dry piped over to make the fluffy body and wings. The roses … Read more

Coolest Swan On The Lake Birthday Cake

Homemade Swan On The Lake Birthday Cake

I made this Swan On The Lake Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday. I began by taking a wire coat hanger and forming it into the shape of swan’s beak, head, neck, and body. For the swan’s body, I used the Wilton Duck Cake Pan and cut the head off of the cake for … Read more

Coolest Swan Cake

Homemade SwanCake

This is a swan cake I made after reading your useful tips on the other swan cakes you featured on your web site. I used chicken wire too for the neck. The whole cake took me 10 hours in total. I made the body from sponge cake using a round tin, I cut a section … Read more

Coolest Swan Child Cake Photos and Preparation Tips 0

This cake was for a 30th birthday party for a wonderful “swan” I work with. It started with a white cake mix using the Wilton Rubber Ducky mold. I cut off the head and made a slot in the front and on the bottom for the swan neck. The swans neck is curved 1/4 inch … Read more

Coolest Swan Child Cake Photos and Preparation Tips 1

This is the amazing Swan cake created for me by the master cake builder Agniszka Zabicka with the help of her two apprentices, Paul and Brent. The Swans neck presented a major structural challenge for our cake engineers. A single stick or wire wouldn’t support the weight of the cake and icing and Pau’s idea … Read more

Coolest Swan Child Cake Photos and Preparation Tips 2

Heres a great cake – and a lot simpler than it looks!! The cake itself is a white chocolate cheesecake. Half the mix is dyed blue for a water effect, and then swirled together. The base and sides are a simple mix of butter biscuits, Milo (or cocoa) and butter. Additional effects (strawberries, etc.) were … Read more