Cute Homemade Turtle Birthday Cake

Coolest Turtle Birthday Cake

My children always give me a challenge for their birthdays. When my daughter was turning 10 she wanted a komodo dragon cake. You just can’t go buy one of those at the IGA. That’s the year I started making all my children’s birthday cakes, so for her 12th she wanted a turtle birthday cake and … Read more

Coolest Sea Turtles Birthday Cake

To make the sea turtles I used a ball cake pan for momma and and only used half of the ball instead of making two as you would to form a 3-D ball. I had another pan that made four smaller cakes in one that I used to make her babies. All of the limbs are made … Read more

Littlest Pet Shop Sea Turtle Cupcake Cake

Littlest Pet Shop Sea Turtle Cupcake Birthday Cake

My daughter turned seven and told me she wanted a Littlest Pet Shop Sea Turtle Cupcake Puzzle Cake. I admit I wasn’t sure how to create a cupcake puzzle cake. I knew it would be easier to arrange the mini cupcakes than the normal size cupcakes but I wasn’t sure how I was going to … Read more

Dig in the Dirt Turtle Sandbox Cake

Dig in the Dirt Turtle Sandbox Cake

My grandson turned 2 and his favorite thing to do was play in the sand box, so I decided to make a turtle sandbox cake, just like the one he played in. It was not as hard to do as I thought it would be. It was a big hit with all the kids but … Read more

Big Turtle Birthday Cake

Big Turtle Birthday Cake

I made this turtle birthday cake for my daughter’s birthday. She loves turtles and I thought this would be enjoyed. The cake was chocolate and French vanilla, with butter cream icing. I used Wilton gel for colors and added Wilton vanilla for flavoring in icing.  A very large sheet cake pan I used and doubled it’s  layers.  The turtle was … Read more

3D Turtle Cake that Looked Almost Real to my 3yr Old

3D Turtle Cake that Looked Almost Real to my 3yr Old

My youngest girl wanted a turtle cake for her 3rd birthday. I initially thought it might be a nightmare but I managed to come up with the turtle so close to the real for my 3 yr old. I managed to get ideas from all over the websites and finally from the super market. Yep, … Read more

Coolest Turtle Birthday Cake

Coolest Turtle Birthday Cake

We had a turtle party for our son’s birthday.  We used a soccer ball cake pan that we ordered on-line to make the shell of the turtle.  We just piped icing around shapes from the soccer ball in green, light green, blue and yellow, consecutively. We used baker’s icing because it is easier and thicker … Read more

Coolest Baby Turtle Cake

Homemade Baby Turtle Cake

This Baby Turtle Cake was made from one box of cake mix! It was a small turtle cake for a 1 year old, so we had another sheet cake at the party to be able to feed everyone. I baked 2 small round cakes, one using a deep pan and one using a regular pan. … Read more

Unique Cakes in the Shape of Turtles 2

Prepare the cake using any cake mix or cake recipe you want. You will need the following pans for the unique cakes: -Ball Cake Pan -Large muffin pan -mini muffin pan. For each turtle use the large muffin top and cut a small triangle out of it for the tail. Frost all unique cakes with … Read more

Coolest Turtle Cake Idea

Homemade Turtle Cake Idea

I used the Wilton soccer ball pan to bake this Homemade Turtle Cake Idea. This cake was baked with Duncan Hine’s Devils Food Chocolate. I used Wilton Tip #230 (the cupcake filler tip) to fill the middle of the cake with marshmallow creme. The cake was crumb coated with chocolate buttercream (Wilton’s recipe). I covered … Read more

Unique Cakes in the Shape of Turtles 3

I used 12″ and 14″ oval pans, pillars and standard layered cake guidelines. The bottom two layers were frosted with buttercream and placed together. The turtle was made by using 1/2 of the Wilton Sport Ball pan and mini ball pans. The shell part was placed on a board and decorated. Then the head was … Read more

Cool Homemade Turtle Birthday Cake

Homemade Turtle Birthday Cake

For my son’s 13th birthday I made him this Homemade Turtle Birthday Cake. He has an app on his ipod that he plays all the time that says “I like turtles”, so I thought this would be a fun cake for his birthday. He loves chocolate so I began by baking 2 – 8 inch … Read more