Coolest Homemade Turtle Cakes 2

I decided to be different on my daughters birthday. Instead of a cake she asked for a birthday cookie. I made a double batch of Chocolate chip cookie mix and spread it out on a pizza pan. I used a turtle template for the turtle. She adores turtles thus turtle cakes! She loved the cookie. … Read more

Coolest Turtle Cake

Turtle Cake

I used the 3D bear pan for this turtle cake. Covered everything with fondant and made a separate shell out of fondant and hand painted everything.

Coolest Two Headed Turtle Cake

Homemade Two Headed Turtle Cake

For my son’s 12th birthday, he requested a two-headed turtle cake! I always use photos for reference. I used 2 boxed cake mixes and baked them one at a time in an 8 cup Pamphered Chef mixing bowl. One cake was used as the shell and the other was trimmed to make the contours of … Read more

Unique Cakes in the Shape of Turtles 0

This sea turtle cake was made for a “sea turtle lover who doesnt like sugary sweet cakes”. The body was baked in a tin turkey roasting pan. It gave the perfect shape and popped out of the pan beautifully. The legs were cut from 8in round cakes (the front legs have a perfect angle if … Read more

Coolest Turtle Pull-Apart Birthday Cake

Homemade Turtle Pull-Apart Birthday Cake

This Turtle Pull-Apart Birthday Cake was my 1st attempt at decorating a cake! I made it for my son’s 2nd birthday and he absolutely loved it. I got the idea from the Betty crocker online site. The body is made of 7 cupcakes arranged closely in a circle and I used glaze icing to frost … Read more

Unique Cakes in the Shape of Turtles 1

I made this cake for my nephew’s first birthday. I first baked a cake for the body in a Pyrex baking bowl, then for the head I made a bowl out of tinfoil the size I wanted and I made cupcakes for the legs. I decorated with the star tip in green and chocolate for … Read more

Coolest Baby Turtle Cake

Homemade Baby Turtle Cake

This Baby Turtle Cake was made from one box of cake mix! It was a small turtle cake for a 1 year old, so we had another sheet cake at the party to be able to feed everyone. I baked 2 small round cakes, one using a deep pan and one using a regular pan. … Read more

Unique Cakes in the Shape of Turtles 2

Prepare the cake using any cake mix or cake recipe you want. You will need the following pans for the unique cakes: -Ball Cake Pan -Large muffin pan -mini muffin pan. For each turtle use the large muffin top and cut a small triangle out of it for the tail. Frost all unique cakes with … Read more

Coolest Turtle Cake Idea

Homemade Turtle Cake Idea

I used the Wilton soccer ball pan to bake this Homemade Turtle Cake Idea. This cake was baked with Duncan Hine’s Devils Food Chocolate. I used Wilton Tip #230 (the cupcake filler tip) to fill the middle of the cake with marshmallow creme. The cake was crumb coated with chocolate buttercream (Wilton’s recipe). I covered … Read more

Unique Cakes in the Shape of Turtles 3

I used 12″ and 14″ oval pans, pillars and standard layered cake guidelines. The bottom two layers were frosted with buttercream and placed together. The turtle was made by using 1/2 of the Wilton Sport Ball pan and mini ball pans. The shell part was placed on a board and decorated. Then the head was … Read more

Cool Homemade Turtle Birthday Cake

Homemade Turtle Birthday Cake

For my son’s 13th birthday I made him this Homemade Turtle Birthday Cake. He has an app on his ipod that he plays all the time that says “I like turtles”, so I thought this would be a fun cake for his birthday. He loves chocolate so I began by baking 2 – 8 inch … Read more

Unique Cakes in the Shape of Turtles 4

One of my girl friends has a collection of turtles and so I used this idea for her birthday.I used the Winnie The Pooh 3D cake mold for this turtle (you can make lots of unique cakes from one cake pan). I modified it a bit though with a knife and mostly for the carapace. … Read more