Coolest Duckie Bathtub Birthday Cake

Homemade Duckie Bathtub Birthday Cake

I made this Duckie Bathtub cake for my daugther’s first birthday. First, I made two 8″ round cakes and layered them using buttercream frosting. Then I colored the piping gel blue and applied this to the top to give the look of water. I added the rubber duck to the top. I then appiled graham … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

Rubber Ducky Cake

My Rubber Ducky cake was for my sister in law’s Baby shower. I wanted a duck but didn’t want to buy a specialty pan because I didn’t think I’d use it again so I made a picture of a duck on a large paper and I wanted it to look like it was swimming in … Read more

Cute Ducky Baby Shower Cake

Cute Ducky Baby Shower Cake

I was asked to make my grandsons baby shower cake. I was a little hesitant to do it because I’ve never used fondent but i did it! I’ve made three more cakes and now making plans to make my moms 70th birthday cake. I’m so excited but its a month away so I have wait. I got … Read more

Cutest Rubber Ducky Cake

Cutest Rubber Ducky Cake

This rubber ducky cake was made for a young woman’s birthday, but would be perfect for a baby shower too. I baked the cake in a half sheet pan, and then cut it in thirds. After filling and stacking the three, I covered it in plastic wrap and placed it in the freezer for about … Read more

Squeaky Clean Shower Ducky Cake

Rubber Duckie, you’re the one, You make bathtime lots of fun, Rubber Duckie, I’m awfully fond of you; (woh woh, bee doh!) Rubber duckies are my absolute favorite baby shower theme so I was thrilled to have the chance to throw a duckie themed shower for my brother and his girl friend for their first … Read more

Super Cute Rubber Duckies in a Pool Cake

Super Cute Rubber Duckies in a Pool Cake

I baked two 9″ round cakes (chocolate!  Yum! ). Then stacked them and iced with homemade buttercream( again,  chocolate! ). I colored some with blue gel color for the water.  Using kitkat bars,  I lined the cake to look like a wood barrel. I used a ribbon to help good out all together.   Then … Read more

Coolest Rub-a-Dub-Dub Baby Shower Cake

Coolest Rub-a-Dub-Dub Baby Shower Cake

Rub-a-dub-dub, a new  baby boy to love was the theme of this baby shower cake I made for a fellow Special Education Aide at school. All decorative pieces of the cake were made from fondant (duckie, bubbles, soap bar, towel, shampoo bottle, comb and even the faucets)! Sheen on bubbles was achieved with pearl luster painted on multi colored blue … Read more

Cool Duckling Cake

3 little ducklings

This was the duckling cake that I  made for the kids of my apartment. Exams were over and they wanted to celebrate. Completed the entire thing in flat 3 hours. The kids loved it. It was an emergency order and all that I could think of was to make the cake simple and sweet ….something … Read more

Awesome Rubber Ducky Shower Cake

Awesome Rubber Ducky Shower Cake

 My little nephew, who was not only a great surprise, was also a great miracle to our family. While my sister was pregnant she had some tests come back not so great, and was sent to a specialist the next day. We later found out she was sent there the next day because it was … Read more

Ducky Baby Shower Cake

Ducky Baby Shower Cake

Enlarge your favorite Duck/Ducky. This duck was improved by a co-worker who made the beak which I then enlarged on copier. Initially cake made for a staffing around Easter.  At that time it was just the duck with only white stars around duck, which could still make a nice shower cake… also. For outline cut … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

Homemade Rubber Ducky Cake

I used a cake mix and the Wilton 3D ducky cake pan for this Rubber ducky cake. After baking it, I noticed that the cake did not expand to fill the whole pan. That made it a little lopsided, so I trimmed it to make it look more proportional. I made this cake for my … Read more

Coolest Rubber-Ducky Cake

Homemade Rubber-Ducky Cake

I was inspired by other cakes I saw on this website, so I decided to do a 3-D rubber ducky cake for my son’s 1st birthday party. I started with buying a large wash-basin online. I coated the inside with wax paper, and placed an elevated base inside fabricated by my wonderful husband out of … Read more

Coolest Ducky Pond Cake

Homemade Ducky Pond Cake

I was requested to make a number one birthday cake for my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party. They were also making a rubber ducky cake (as per the birthday girl’s current favourite toy) so I thought I’d keep it in the theme and made a pond. I bought the little duckies on eBay and I … Read more

Coolest Tub Cake

Tub of Fun Cake

This cake is a tub cake with ducks swimming in it. I used two 9×13 inch pan to make the cake and cut the center out of one of them. I made blue jello and used it for the water in the tub. The faucet is just some foil that I shaped to look like … Read more

Coolest Duck and Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake Designs 9

This was a cake just for my son on his first birthday. I baked a tall, round 5″ cake and frosted it blue. I then added grass on the bottom. I used the “Happy 1st Birthday” from the store around the rim of the cake. On the back, I used the leftover candy ducks that … Read more

Coolest Cake Baking Tips for Creating Bathtub Cakes 5

This cake was made for my second daughters 1st birthday. We took two rectangle cakes and cut a 3″ x 6″ section out of the center of one of the cakes. We then covered the un-cut cake with cream cheese frosting and topped it with the cut cake, which we also covered with frosting. (Cake … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Kid Birthday Cake Ideas 1

The theme of the baby shower was rubber duckies which I happened to find on your site under kid birthday cake ideas. This two-tiered cake features a cute little rubber ducky on top taking a bath. Both tiers were iced with butter cream icing. Fondant bath bubbles adorn all layers of the cake.

Coolest Duck and Rubber Ducky Cake Baking Tips 5

I made the cake using the Wilton 3Dcake pan. My daughter wanted a Noahs ark stuffing party with ducks as the theme for her 6th birthday so we ordered the rubber duck birthday kit from birthday express and made the coconut cake from the directions on the box. This was my first time making a … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake 45

Homemade Rubber Ducky Cake

This Rubber Ducky cake I made for my friend’s baby shower. I started with a 14″ round cake for the bottom and the 3D rubber ducky cake pan from Wilton. I cut a piece of cardboard to slightly larger than the bottom of the duck and placed it in the middle of the cake. I … Read more

Coolest Duck Pond Cake 85

Homemade Duck Pond Cake

I made this Duck pond cake as a classic Victoria sponge with a golden syrup twist. I made three separate layers, stacking two then shaping the third for the ledge. I dyed the buttercream grass color and piped it over the entire cake, missing the lake which was made of fondant icing. I shaped the … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Ducky Cake with Wilton Stand Up Duck Pan

Homemade Ducky Cake

This Ducky Cake was made for a friend’s baby shower. She was doing a Rubber Ducky theme. I started with a regular 1/4 sheet size cake for the base, and used the Wilton stand up duck pan for the ducky. The pan was surprisingly easy to use and I recommend it to everyone! The duck … Read more

Coolest Bath Cake

Reading In The Bath Cake

My friend always reads in the bath so thought it was apt for me to make her a bath cake, with that in mind. I first baked 2,9″x13″ rectangle cakes. When they were cool, I shaped the edges to appear like a bath. I used an already prepared vanilla frosting and added some almond flavour … Read more

Coolest Duck and Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake Designs 10

My sons 1st birthday party theme was Rubber Ducky. I baked a single layer, 16″ chocolate cake with Bavarian cream filling for the base. Then I baked the 3D Duck ( Wilton ‘s pan) using a yellow pound cake recipe. Unfortunately, the duck didn’t rise 100%, so I chopped him in half and laid him … Read more

Coolest Cake Baking Tips for Creating Bathtub Cakes 6

I made this cake for a baby shower. I looked on the internet to find some cake baking tips and this is what I came up with. I used butter cream frosting for everything except the tub feet and the soap bar which are made from fondant, the rubber duckies are made from chocolate. I … Read more