Coolest Homemade Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes and Tips 4

I like making childrens cakes. I made this Bear cake for my sons first birthday. I got the idea from (they have good ideas for childrens cakes), but they had a girl teddy bear, and I needed a boy. So with some slight modifications, I made this creation. I used two cake mixes. The … Read more

Free Cake Decorating Ideas for a Teddy Bear Cake 9

The free cake decorating ideas on this site provided me with lots of inspiration for making this cake. I used a round pan and made a layered cake, iced the cake and placed white fondant over. I used a real teddy bear and placed it in the center front of the cake and rolled out … Read more

Easy and Tasty Homemade Bear Cake

Homemade Bear Cake

First of all, I made 3 cakes, 2 round cakes and a square one and cut out the pattern from a stencil I drew. I held it together with caramel. I started icing it, it was meant to be a panda cake but landed up to be a bear cake. The icing was butter icing, … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

Homemade Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

I made this Teddy Bear Birthday Cake for my son’s 1st Birthday. It took about 2-3 hours to ice but it was so worth it. My sister gave me the cake pan and I followed the instructions and it came out better than I expected.

Free Cake Decorating Ideas for a Teddy Bear Cake 10

I made this cake for my son for his 1st birthday party which was monkey themed of course! I used the stand up teddy bear cake pan made by Wilton. I followed the instructions that came with the pan as far as how to make the batter and how much to use and the cake … Read more

Coolest Little Charlie Bear Cake

Homemade  Little Charlie Bear Cake

This Little Charlie Bear cake is one for those avoiding the use of food coloring – just two toned chocolate icing. I made the cakes in advance and froze them. Then, the day before I cut the cakes while frozen and “glued” them with raspberry jam, and refroze it in its shape. The icing set … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear 1st Birthday Cake

Teddy Bear cake

I decided to make my grandaughter Evie a teddy bear cake for her 1st birthday as its her favourite toy .I googled a recipe for a firm cake and came up with a cream cheese pound cake. I made a large cake for the base and I hired a bear mold for the bear. I … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear Cake

Teddy Bear Cake

I live on a very strict budget (who doesn’t now-a-days). My son Jon who just turned 4 told me that he wanted a bear cake for his birthday and I looked for bear molds but none were less than 15 dollars and I wanted to get him gifts and only spend 5-7 dollars on cake. … Read more