Coolest Captain Feathersword Cake from Wiggles

Coolest Wiggles Birthday Cake Photos and Tips

I used a picture of Captain Feathersword from one of my daughter’s coloring books and I sketched it enlarging it on three sheets of paper and cut it out having three separate pieces. I baked two 9X13 cakes and used my pattern to cut out the pieces to make this Wiggles birthday cake. I used … Read more

Cool Homemade Elvis Cake

Homemade Elvis Cake

I made this Elvis Cake just to try my hand at another view of decorating. I was giving the idea from my Mom, who at the time had other plans for this cake idea.

Coolest Metallica Cake

Homemade Metallica Cake

My daughter is a huge Metallica fan and wanted a Metallica cake for her 15th birthday this year. So I looked online for a picture I could use to make her this cake she wanted so badly. She wanted a vanilla cake with raspberry filling. I chose to use fondant to cover the cake so … Read more

Coolest Jim Morrison Cake

Homemade Jim Morrison Cake

I made this Jim Morrison cake for my mom’s 50th birthday. I figured it would be easier with fondant but we both hate the flavor of it, so I decided to make it with couverture chocolate with which I had no experience whatsoever. It wasn’t as tough as I had expected, just made a stencil … Read more

Coolest Elvis Presley Birthday Cake

Homemade Elvis Presley Birthday Cake

I made this Elvis Presley Birthday Cake for an Elvis Birthday Party I had. Everyone loved it so much. I hope I can share with everyone who hasn’t seen it. I’ve always wanted to get a picture of one of my cakes on here so the whole world could see it. I started with 1/4 … Read more

Coolest MGMT Electric Feel Cake

Homemade MGMT Electric Feel Cake

I was inspired by the MGMT ‘Electric Feel’ music clip and decided to theme my 18th birthday party around the eclectic, enchanted garden style party depicted in the video. The MGMT Electric Feel Cake consists of two large, round chocolate cakes and one smaller round sponge cake stacked on top of each other and covered … Read more

Coolest Abba Cake

Homemade Abba Cake

My friend was turning 40 and was having an ABBA party. I searched the internet for an Abba cake and got only a couple of ideas and then basically changed a few areas to suit us. I actually bought a half sheet cake, as I didn’t really want to spend the time with baking process. … Read more

Coolest Elvis Birthday Cake

Homemade Elvis Birthday Cake

My daughter Jenni graduated from UGA in December. While she searched for a job in her field, family financial planning, she started making cakes. She made the first ones with no classes, then took three Wilton cake decorating classes at Michaels. Before she even finished the classes, she had surpassed them with her designs. Here … Read more

Coolest Avenged Sevenfold Cake

Homemade Avenged Sevenfold Cake

My husband’s favorite band is Avengened of course I had to make him a Homemade Avenged Sevenfold Cake to represent! The top layer is a cookie and cream cake, the bottom is a beautiful white cake, both layered and wrapped in a light buttercream, and covered in a basic fondant. The fondant, I added … Read more

Simple DIY Elvis Cake

Homemade Elvis Cake

I looked everywhere on the internet to find an Elvis cake someone had made and I didn’t find much. I drew this picture myself and made my own for this Elvis fan. Its a 9×13 white cake with buttercream frosting. I used a red can of spray over the top and flicked powdered sugar on … Read more

Coolest Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket Cake

Homemade Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket Cake

My son is a big fan of Michael Jackson and I wanted to surprise him with a cake for his 10th birthday, just as unique as the late beloved ]op icon was. I was inspired by a jacket that my son has and wears, the infamous Zipper Jacket! This Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket Cake … Read more

Coolest Elvis Cake

Coolest Elvis Cake Photos and Tips

I made this cake for my best friends 50th Birthday! She is nuts about Elvis so the theme was Blue Hawaii. The Elvis and motorcycle was a magnet to which I hot glued a cut out picture of my friend. The pink car was a Christmas ornament, the gates I cut out of a postcard … Read more