Coolest 101 Dalmatians Cake

HOmemade 101 Dalmatians Cake

My daughter is Dalmatian mad and I did this 101 Dalmatians Cake for her 4th birthday which was last year. I do have the Wilton pan already as did this cake for my other daughter’s birthday a few years ago. I also have the original instructions but I tend to use them only as a … Read more

Coolest 101 Dalmations Birthday Cake

Homemade  101 Dalmations Birthday Cake

My daughter LOVES her 101 Dalmation stuffed animal that she got as a gift so I decided to make her a 101 Dalmations Birthday Cake for her 1st birthday. This cake was made using a Wilton 101 Dalmations cake pan. These pans are no longer for sale in stores but can be found on eBay. … Read more

Coolest Dalmation Birthday Cake

Homemade Dalmation Birthday Cake

I traced this image onto wax paper with black icing for this Dalmatian Birthday Cake. Then filled it in with the colors I selected. When I was finished I stuck the icing design in the freezer to stiffen up, then placed it on the cake and peeled off the wax paper.

Coolest Dalmatian Puppy Cake

Homemade Dalmatian Puppy Cake

My daughter wanted a Dalmatian Puppy Cake for her 5th birthday. I couldn’t find any designs that I liked, so I created my own 3-D design. Ingredients: 2 boxes cake mix (I used Devil’s Food in keeping with the black/white theme) ¾ c. shortening ¼ c. water 1/8 tsp. salt 4 c. powdered sugar 4 … Read more

Coolest Dalmatian Puppy Birthday Cake

Homemade Dalmatian Puppy Birthday Cake

My birthday cake was a buttercake. I didn’t use any other complex type of icing, I just used buttercream for the whole thing. It was pretty simple to make. I love puppies a lot! So I thought of making a homemade dalmatian puppy birthday cake. Many people thought the white part was fondant, but it … Read more