Awesome Jasmine on Comfy Cushions Cake

Awesome Jasmine on Comfy Cushions Cake

The Disney Princesses are and will remain always a favorite with young little girls. A few weeks ago a lady phoned me to order a birthday cake for her daughter who was turning 8. She told me that she wanted a princess Jasmine’s cake. She also told me that she had a plastic figurine of Jasmine which … Read more

Jasmine Cake

Jasmine and Raja

I am proud of this Jasmine cake because I can not draw on paper. Give me a piping bag and apparently I can draw. Anyhow I made two 9×13 inch cakes because my daughter wanted chocolate cake and vanilla but not mixed together. I tried a new icing recipe which was extremely difficult to use … Read more

Coolest Princess Jasmine Cake 6

Princess Jasmine

My daughter asked for a Jasmine Cake (from Aladdin) and she wanted to wear her dress up costume to match. Well, I’m no baker, but borrowed the tin from a friend and made 2 packets of Greens Butter cake mix. I have a fan forced oven and found that I had to tinker around with … Read more

Coolest Aladdin Cake

Aladdin's Palace Cake

My daughter wanted an Aladdin cake for her 3rd birthday. The base has 2 square layers covered in rolled white fondant. The top of the palace was cooked in a small metal mixing bowl. The mixing bowl had a flat bottom so I used fluffy white icing to build up the top to a point. … Read more

Coolest Princess Jasmine Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Jasmine Birthday Cake

The Princess Jasmine birthday cake was a special cake for my special niece. I made a white sponge cake in three layers. I baked them in a 10″, 9″ and a Pyrex bowl and then layered them on top of each other. Using a cookie cutter to cut out a hole for the middle portion … Read more

Coolest Princess Jasmine Cake

Homemade Princess Jasmine Cake

My daughter wanted a Princess Jasmine cake for her 5th Birthday. My mom bought the Jasmine Barbie from the Disney store. It was quite a beautiful doll. I used the Pampered Chef large batter bowl, and a Wilton heart shaped pan for underneath the dress, since the Barbie was too tall. Then I carved out … Read more

Coolest Jasmine Birthday Cake

Homemade Jasmine Birthday Cake

My soon to be 4 year old requested a Jasmine Birthday cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles. My oldest child has several food allergies especially milk and dyes, so I knew I had to make it from scratch. I found some simple recipes online for the cake and icing. I found a $5 barbie and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jasmine Cake Photos and Tips 0

I found a picture of Jasmine and then drew the outline on a piece of paper with a black sharpie. I then freehanded the detailed lines to make this Jasmine cake (only the major ones). Once finished I turned the picture over then took decorating gel and mixed it with a little black food coloring. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jasmine Cake Photos and Tips 1

My daughter loves Princess Jasmine. I made this Jasmine cake for her 7th birthday. I used a tiered cake pan set and the Wilton wonder mold for the top layer. I inserted the Jasmine doll on the top and iced the cake. Very easy, and it turned out wonderfully.

Coolest Homemade Jasmine Cake Photos and Tips 2

Make a genoise in a large rectangular mould. Draw, or increase an image of the character chosen on a sheet of the size of the mould. Cut out this image and place it on the Aladdin Disney cake. Cut out the contour vertically by holding the knife. Divide the cake in two in the thickness, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jasmine Cake Photos and Tips 3

For my Nieces 4th Birthday, she insisted on Jasmine in her purple outfit. I began by purchasing the Jasmine doll. I made the doll skirt cake along with a 14″ and 12″ round cakes. I stacked them and then wrapped Jasmine’s bottom half and stuck her in the cake. I trimmed the 12″ cake to … Read more