Cool Homemade Arthur Birthday Cake

Coolest Arthur Birthday Cake

I made this Arthur birthday cake for my son’s 6th birthday. It is chocolate cake – a 2-layer round, and 2 cupcakes for the ears. I sliced off the edges of the round cake, and added one of the cut-off pieces onto his chin to make it longer.  The light brown frosting was achieved by … Read more

Coolest Arthur Birthday Cake

Homemade Arthur Birthday Cake

My son asked for an Arthur Birthday Cake this year which I thought I couldn’t do. He said, “Mom, it’s just an oval with ears.” In a way, he was right. I got a coloring sheet online of his face and enlarged it to fit my Pampered Chef large bar pan. I made 2 bar … Read more

Coolest Arthur Cake

Homemade Arthur Cake

I made this homemade Arthur cake for my son’s third birthday. It has always been one of my favourites. I made a large rectangle cake and cut out an oval shape using a picture as a guide. I cut out two circles for ears, I iced the sides in butter cream and rolled them in … Read more