Coolest Badtz Maru Cake

Homemade Badtz Maru Cake

A friend requested me to make a chocolate cake with the Badtz Maru image on it. I printed the image and traced it onto chocolate and transfered the image onto the cake. Instead of using gels to form the picture, I piped the outline with open star tips no. 13 and 16. I used black, … Read more

Coolest Badtz Maru XO Cake

Homemade Badtz Maru XO Cake

I made this cake for my 17th birthday because I’m a Badtz Maru fan. I wanted to make a cake that was just as good as my standard sized guitar cake I made the previous year. I drew up the Badtz Maru image from a picture I found on the internet and used it to … Read more