Coolest Bakugan Ball Birthday Cake

Homemade Bakugan Ball Birthday Cake

I made this Bakugan Ball Birthday Cake for my son who was into Bakugan, the entire party theme was Bakugan. I used the Wilton Sports Ball pan, half was chocolate, half was vanilla/yellow cake. Used the rest of the cake batter in a 9×13 pan and poured both in, so it was also a mixed … Read more

Coolest Bakugan Field Cake

Homemade Bakugan Field Cake

This Bakugan field cake was a huge hit at my son’s 6th Birthday party. The cake and field take no time at all. The edible Bakugan balls take some time, but are well worth the “wow” factor. I made 2 yellow cakes (9X13). Then put them together and cut them down to a 12X12 square … Read more

Coolest Bakugan Card Cake with lots of Bakugan Balls 13

Homemade Bakugan Card Cake with lots of Bakugan Balls

The outside of this Bakugan Card Cake with lots of Bakugan Balls is chocolate marshmallow fondant. The design on top is marbled red/yellow marshmallow fondant, which I think could come out better with more practice. I used white royal icing for the starburst design because the white spray color I ordered online does not work … Read more

Coolest Bakugan Birthday Cake

Homemade Bakugan Birthday Cake

I got my idea for this Bakugan Birthday Cake from the only other Bakugan cake that I’ve seen on this site. But, being pretty last minute, having not done spray icing before (like that cake), and generally feeling a little on the lazy side, I decided to use food coloring with store bought icing. Start … Read more