Coolest Barney Cake Design

Homemade Barney Cake Design

My son was excited to be having a Barney birthday party, and I needed a cute cake. As always, I use this website for inspiration. I enlarged an image from an online Barney coloring page, and I was ready to start. I just used a boxed cake mix in a 13 x 9, and the … Read more

Cool Homemade Barney Cake Design

Homemade Barney Cake Design

For this Barney Cake Design I used ready to roll icing and coloured batches of the icing to what I would need, then I made a basic Victoria sponge with a jam and buttercream filling. I iced the cake then decorated it. The hardest to make was Barney’s face but that’s why I chose to … Read more

Cute Homemade Barney Face Birthday Cake

Coolest Barney Birthday Cake

For this Barney Cake Design I used rolled fondant and colouring it with purple color for Barney Head. I made 2 layers cake for base cake, chocolate and vanilla steam cake with blueberry jam filling. For Barneys head, i made chocolate steam cake. Before carving the head, I made the pattern on paper then put … Read more

Coolest Barney Cake

Barney Cake

I just couldn’t find a Barney pan. The ones that I found on the internet were to expensive. So I decided to make a buttercream transfer and it came out better than what I expected! This is the box cake recipe! I just doubled the ingredients. I dyed the batter purple and the filling green. … Read more

Coolest Barney and Friends Birthday Cake

Barney and Friends Birthday Cake

I made this Barney and Friends Birthday Cake for a friend’s daughter. I used 2 9in cake pans. The cake has 2 layers. Bought the vanilla frosting from food store(Stop and Shop) and tinted them using Wilton food coloring gel(found at Micheal’s, A.C.Moore & Walmart). I made the Barney figures, flowers, bow on top and … Read more

Simple Barney Cake

Barney Cake

My baby girl turned one and she has been watching Barney along with some other shows since she was about 3 months old. She just loved Barney and still does so I made him the theme at her 1st Birthday Party together with a Barney cake. It is very hard to find Barney products but … Read more

Coolest Barney the Dinosaur Cake Photos and Tips 0

My daughters favorite show is Barney so I thought that I would try and make a Barney the dinosaur cake. I used a white cake mix and cut out a Barney picture from a coloring book and traced the outline of Barney. I used store bought buttercream icing as I had no tie to try … Read more

Coolest Barney the Dinosaur Cake Photos and Tips 1

This Barney cake was for a friends daughter who had her birthday right around Easter. Barney was drawn freehand with a toothpick and then outlined in a dark purple/maroon. Barney and the sun are filled in with a star tip (similar to Wilton technique). I had a problem with the cake crumbing in the first … Read more

Coolest Barney And Friends Cake

Barney And Friends Cake

My sister-in-law was having a Barney themed birthday for my nephew, he just loves Barney and all his friends so she asked me to make him a Barney and friends cake and told me to do whatever I fancied. So I came up with this picture. The cake itself is a three layered vanilla sponge … Read more

Coolest Barney the Dinosaur Cake Photos and Tips 2

I used a picture of Barney the dinosaur from a coloring page off the internet. I enlarged it to A3 size. I cut the shape out onto cardboard and then used tracing paper to trace the inside lines of Barney. I cut the shape of the cake using the cardboard. I then lightly iced a … Read more

Coolest Barney Birthday Cake

Homemade Barney Birthday Cake

Use a standard white cake mix and prepare according to the box for this Barney birthday cake. Add Violet concentrated paste (in the cake decorating part aisle of Wal-Mart) to the batter until it looks as purple as you want it to be. Bake the cake and allow sufficient time to completely cool off. While … Read more

Coolest Barney the Dinosaur Cake Photos and Tips 3

Firstly, I dont bake! I order a half “plaatkoek” from our local supermarket and request that they don’t put any icing on. Then – I spend some time on the internet or coloring-in books looking for pictures. Once I’ve found something to work with, I print and enlarge to an A3. I then cut out … Read more