Cool Homemade Batman Scene Cake with Bat Signal

Homemade Batman Cake

I made this homemade Batman cake for my grandson, Luke for his 3rd birthday. The buildings are made of pineapple pound cakes decorated with graham crackers for windows and the door. The sidewalk is made of chocolate cheerios. I took a small drinking cup and placed a flashlight in the bottom with M&M’s to hold … Read more

Cool Homemade Batman Cake with Wilton Batman Pan

Batman Cake

I made this Batman cake for a friend’s son. I used a Wilton shaped pan and my own chocolate cake recipe (doubled up). I don’t like the cake recipe that comes with the Wilton pans. The shaped pans work well, just remember to use enough spray & bake and make sure you spray it into … Read more

Coolest Batman Picture Cakes How-To Tips 11

I made 2 sheet cakes and transferred each batman picture onto each of the cakes marking it with toothpick. I then outlined the pictures and piped in the details. The names and age was cutout from fondant.

Cool Homemade Batman Birthday Cake with Batman Figurine

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Batman birthday cake but I didn’t want a cake decorated with black frosting- yuck! This is what I came up with. I have also made it with round cake and actually liked it better but forgot to take a picture.

Coolest Batman Birthday Cake Design

Homemade  Batman Birthday Cake Design

My son wanted a 2 tier Batman Birthday Cake Design for his 11th birthday this year. I tried to persuade him to accept a small cake with cupcakes which I’m more familiar and comfortable with making, but he was adamant about wanting a 2 tier cake, so I relented. I surfed the net to learn … Read more

Cool Homemade Batman Symbol Cake

Homemade Batman Cake

This Batman cake was a 22nd birthday cake for one of my Mom’s co-workers. The cake is a white cake; from a box, the logo is a coloring page I modified and stenciled on the cake after I put the yellow frosting on. The yellow frosting is white frosting tinted with yellow gel icing coloring … Read more

Cool Homemade Batman Cake with Reese’s Pieces

Homemade Batman Cake

I made this Batman cake for my son Kaleb’s 6th birthday. I used a marble cake and confetti frosting. And then I used chocolate chips for the black and Reese’s Pieces for the yellow. You can use any cake you like with any white frosting. Everybody liked the fact that you could eat everything on … Read more

Coolest Homemade 2D Batman Mask Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake Design

I have made this Batman Birthday Cake Design for both of my son’s 4th Birthday’s (4 years apart) and was a huge hit both times. First I found a picture from one of my son’s colour-in-books that I thought would be a good design for a Batman Birthday Cake. I then sketched the image to … Read more

Coolest Homemade 3D Batman Cake

Batman Cake

I made this Batman cake using a Styrofoam wig head. The chest and shoulders are cake. I used two 8 inch circles for the chest and a 9 inch cake for the shoulders, cut into four pieces (2 per shoulder). The ears, cape, and eyes are fondant.

Coolest Joker Cake

Joker Cake

I made this Joker cake for a 21st birthday party. It’s from the Dark Knight movie that starred Heath Ledger. I baked two 9″ rounds for this project. I covered both with buttercream icing and then used fondant to sculpt the features of the face including nose, chin, lips, eyes and eyebrows. I rolled out … Read more

Easy Homemade Batman Cake

Homemade Batman Cake

I had been looking for different ideas to make a Batman cake for my boyfriend and I really wanted to use some idea from a comic book character as he is a fan of these films etc. I had a look at the ones on here and they are either the logo or an actual … Read more

Sweet Homemade Batman Symbol Birthday Cake

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake

My homemade Batman birthday cake consisted of 12 cupcakes and a 6″ cake using a vanilla cake mix. I made buttercream icing from a C&H Sugar recipe and colored it black and yellow. I piped the cupcakes with black icing using #12 tip. I leveled the 6″ cake and crumb frosted it. I then turned … Read more