Coolest Batman Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

This Batman Birthday Cake & Cupcakes was made for one of my student’s 5th birthday celebration. The top cake is a two layer marble (vanilla & chocolate) cake made with a round 6in mold. I covered it with homemade buttercream frosting (shortening, butter and confectioners sugar) colored with yellow food coloring. The bottom edge of … Read more

Coolest Batman Picture Cakes How-To Tips 9

This Batman picture cake is a regular Dunkin Hines yellow cake mix sheet cake. I baked it according to directions. My son LOVES Spiderman & Batman. Last year I did Spiderman and this year he wanted Batman. I took the idea of Gotham City and Batmans logo in the sky. I printed a picture of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Batman Signal Birthday Cake

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake

This Batman Birthday Cake was made from a half sheet cake and a six inch round. The half sheet was iced with buttercream icing and the 6 inch round was covered with fondant. I printed out a Batman logo and traced it on the fondant and then dipped it in black course sugar.

Coolest Batman Gotham City Birthday Cake

Homemade Batman Gotham City Birthday Cake

My son Angus was having a batman party for his 5th birthday. He decided he wanted Gotham City with batman flying between the buildings. I CAN DO THAT! I used Betty Crocker’s choc swirl cake mix. I used a large rectangle tin and a round tin, all up using 4 cake mixes. Black buttercream icing … Read more

Huge Homemade Batman Cake

Homemade Batman Cake

I used a 12X16 cake pan and made a double layer cake. This Batman cake was huge! In the middle I had raspberry filling and made a cream cheese frosting using Wilton gel coloring. This is wonderful stuff, a little goes a long ways. It was a very easy cake to make. And my 4 … Read more

Coolest Batman Picture Cakes How-To Tips 10

For my nephews birthday cake I used color mist spray for the background effects. I sprayed the lightest color first. I then used a stencil for the bat signal and sprayed the darker colors over it. The butter cream transfer helped me get nice detail for the Batman picture.