Coolest Ben 10 Omintrex Birthday Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Omintrex Birthday Cake

My son’s current obsession is Ben 10 so with that as the theme was inspired by the many cakes on this site to create the Ben 10 Omintrex Birthday Cake watch as his cake for his 4th Birthday. I made a sheet cake and a round cake which placed on top (trimmed the sheet cake … Read more

Cool Homemade 2D Ben 10 Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Cake

As Ben 10 is the coolest boy thing at the moment of course Devon wanted a Ben 10 cake! The cake is a light death by chocolate cake with intense chocolate icing, for the boy who would have chocolate for breakfast if he could. Any cake would be fine, as long as you like making … Read more

Cool Ben10 Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Ben10 Birthday Cake Design

I made this Ben10 Birthday Cake Design for a friend’s little boy, he is a Ben 10 fanatic. It’s a normal chocolate sponge, with butter icing flavoured with Milo. I traced the picture onto the cake and filled in all the detail with different colours. I was not very happy with the outcome but the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake

I looked into different pictures I could use for this Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake. Once I found the one I wanted, I traced it onto bakers paper. I started by making a large rectangle base, then iced it green. Once this had set, I traced around the outline of the picture I had on … Read more

Cool Homemade Ben 10 Cake with Fondant Characters

Homemade Ben 10 Cake

My son wanted a Ben 10 cake for his 6th birthday party so I made this Omnitrix cake with Ben 10 and some of his aliens standing around it. It was a basic chocolate layer cake coated with caramel (sweetened tinned condensed milk which has been boiled in the microwave until brown)and then covered with … Read more

Cool Homemade Ben 10 Cake with Cut-Out Fondant Image

Ben 10 Cake

I made this Ben 10 cake for my nephew’s birthday as he is mad on Ben 10. I used a rectangular cake tin to make the sponge which had a buttercream filling and then I covered it with green sugarpaste icing which I purchased from my local cake shop. I found a picture of Ben … Read more

Coolest Ben Ten Cake

Homemade Ben Ten Cake

I made this Ben Ten Cake for a friend. The cake is chocolate sponge filled with buttercream and topped with homemade fondant. I cut out templates from a picture and then just layered it to get the 3D effect. You have to remember to cut all the details separately so print out more than 1 … Read more

Coolest Ben 10 Omnitrex Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Onmitrex Cake

I am just a novice when it comes to cake decorating. Last year I could not find a Ben 10 cake that I liked and came up with this Ben 10 Omnitrex cake instead. I baked one rectangle shaped cake and one round using cake mix from the box. When the cake cooled completely I … Read more

Cool Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake

I was inspired to try this cake by the English lady from Birmingham who submitted the homemade Ben 10 birthday cake 01. I made the cake from a chocolate mud cake recipe & covered it in a thick chocolate butter cream. The icing I used is Regalice (a fondant or sugarpaste) which is by far … Read more

Coolest Ben 10 Watch Birthday Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Watch Birthday Cake

I made this Ben 10 Watch Birthday Cake for my son’s 8th birthday, he is a Ben 10 nut. I started with a butter cake from Greens, double mix, and baked it in a rectangular cake pan. The top of the watch was a chocolate cake from Greens as well, baked in a regular round … Read more

Cool Homemade Ben 10 Cake with Plastic Figurines

Ben 10 Cake with Aliens

I made a basic Madeira sponge in a rectangular pan (although any shape can be used). I iced it all over with buttercream with one half green and one half yellow. I found using the pastes was the best way to get the vibrant colours that are used in cartoons. I put them on separately … Read more