Coolest Disney Cars Birthday Cake Ideas 6

This cars birthday cake was for my sons 3rd birthday. He wanted to have a “Cars” theme from the Disney movie. He wanted to have Lightning McQueen and Sally. I used the Lightning McQueen Wilton cake pan and iced it to look like McQueen. Then for Sally, I used the same pan, only I followed … Read more

Coolest Lightning Mcqueen Cake

Cars Scene Cake

I made this Lightning Mcqueen cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I bought some mini cars from the Car movie and added it on my cake. It was a full sheet cake with Lightning Mcqueen car cake on top of it. I had so much fun doing this cake and it was a success birthday … Read more

Coolest Car’s Birthday Cake

Homemade Car's Birthday Cake

I would like to share my Car’s birthday cake that I did for a friend this past weekend. This cake celebrated a special little man’s 3rd birthday. The cake itself is a twelve inch square that is vanilla flavored. Half of the cake is filled with whipped white filling while the other half is filled … Read more

Cool Homemade Cars Racetrack Cake

Homemade Cars Racetrack Cake

Taking tips and ideas from a bunch of the cakes already on the site, I constructed this “Piston Cup” homemade Cars racetrack cake for my Godson’s second birthday. The cake is a two-layer 9×13 sheet cake with 1/2 three-tier 9″ rounds on each end. The top layer of each end is cut at an angle … Read more

Coolest Cars Cake

Cars Cake

With the designing help of my husband and mom we came up with a really cool concept for my daughters third birthday Cars cake. I used, I think it was, a 12 inch round and a 10 inch round, if you can find bigger pans it would be better, because I wanted the cars that … Read more

Cool Homemade Cars Birthday Cake for my Nephew

Homemade Cars Birthday Cake

I made this Cars Birthday Cake for my nephew Hadley’s third birthday. My sister asked me to make this for her and I love to make cakes, especially for family so I figured why not? I had no idea how to start and originally was going to make a red cake but decided to cover … Read more

Cool Homemade Cars Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Cars Birthday Cake Design

This is the Homemade Cars Birthday Cake Design for my son’s 4th birthday. I was going for the scene where Frank chases Mater and McQueen after they went tractor tipping. Chocolate sheet cake, frosting tinted grass green, and piped on with Wilton’s grass tip #233. Path through grass is made with crushed graham crackers. I … Read more

Coolest Cars Ice Cream Birthday Cake

Homemade Cars Ice Cream Birthday Cake

I got the idea for this cake from other cakes on this site. My son wanted a Mack Truck cake, but he only likes ice cream cakes so I made a Cars Ice Cream cake. I got ideas for decorating the cake from this website. First, I baked a chocolate cake in a Wilton 12″ … Read more

Coolest Disney Cars Frank the Combine Theme Cake

Homemade Disney Cars Cake

My daughter had a fascination with Frank the Combine from Cars. For her 2nd birthday, I created a Frank cake to go along with the Cars Tractor Tippin’ theme. I made a 1/2 sheet cake and iced it with a layer of white frosting tinted a light brown for a “dirt” base as my crumble … Read more

Sweet Homemade Cars Birthday Cake with Toy Cars

Homemade Cars Birthday Cake

For my son’s 3rd birthday he wanted a cake with Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson and Mater. So I decided to replicate the scene where Doc & McQueen are racing in the desert and McQueen falls down the cliff into the cactus bushes. For this homemade Cars birthday cake I started out with two 9”x13” layers. … Read more

Coolest Cars Cast Cake

Cars Characters

I had fun with my son’s first birthday party cakes. It was a Cars theme, and the Cars Cast turned out oh-so-cute! I baked several bread loaf cakes (not filling them too full so they wouldn’t be tall) and trimmed them with an electric knife to mimic the Cars characters. I also made a mini … Read more

Coolest Lightening McQueen and The King Cake

Homemade  Lightening McQueen and The King Cake

My sons birthday’s are 4 weeks apart so we have one party between them. I wanted a theme and they both like Lightening McQueen. So I decided to make one huge Lightening McQueen and The King Cake but give them both their “own” cakes. The sheet cake is 12″ by 30″ and the cars are … Read more