Sweet Homemade Cars Birthday Cake with Toy Cars

Homemade Cars Birthday Cake

For my son’s 3rd birthday he wanted a cake with Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson and Mater. So I decided to replicate the scene where Doc & McQueen are racing in the desert and McQueen falls down the cliff into the cactus bushes. For this homemade Cars birthday cake I started out with two 9”x13” layers. … Read more

Coolest Cars Cast Cake

Cars Characters

I had fun with my son’s first birthday party cakes. It was a Cars theme, and the Cars Cast turned out oh-so-cute! I baked several bread loaf cakes (not filling them too full so they wouldn’t be tall) and trimmed them with an electric knife to mimic the Cars characters. I also made a mini … Read more

Coolest Lightening McQueen and The King Cake

Homemade  Lightening McQueen and The King Cake

My sons birthday’s are 4 weeks apart so we have one party between them. I wanted a theme and they both like Lightening McQueen. So I decided to make one huge Lightening McQueen and The King Cake but give them both their “own” cakes. The sheet cake is 12″ by 30″ and the cars are … Read more

Cool Homemade Cars Birthday Cake with Cacti

Homemade Cars Birthday Cake

My 4 year old twins desperately wanted a Disney’s Cars birthday party with a race cake, so I decided to do a dirt track scene using some Cars toys as decorations. I baked one 10″x14″ layer and two 9″x13″ layers, stacked them so that they aligned on along the left side of the cake, and … Read more

Cute Homemade Cars Birthday Cake with Toy Car Topper

Homemade Cars Birthday Cake

I got the idea originally for this Cars birthday cake from Raleys but we couldn’t afford to buy one so I made one and just bought the topper. It took me almost 4 hours to do it all. I used a 15in square cake pan and made 2 layers of the cake then covered the … Read more

Coolest Disney Cars Birthday Cake

Homemade Disney Cars Birthday Cake

This Disney Cars Birthday Cake is my second Disney Cars cake and I made it for my son’s 4th birthday. I have to admit that I searched far and wide for inspiration (this web site, YouTube, Google etc.). The inspiration for this cake came off of one of Car’s posters where you see the track … Read more

Cool Homemade Cars Scene Birthday Cake for my Son

HomemadeCars Birthday Cake

Thanks to several of you who previously submitted to this site. Using your ideas along with several of our own we came up with this Cars Birthday Cake for our son’s fourth birthday. The cake was made from two boxed cake mixes. Each was baked in a 9×9 pan and I placed them next to … Read more