Cool Finn McMissile Birthday Cake

My 2 year old son is obsessed with the character Finn Mcmissile from the movie Cars 2 so I decided to make him a Finn Mcmissile birthday cake for his 2nd birthday. I baked two banana chocolate cakes using a rectangular shaped tin for the base and a square one for the top of the car. … Read more

Coolest Finn McMissile Cake

Coolest Finn McMissile Cake

Finn McMissile was created and sculpted from a number of sponge layers made in a rectangular tin which measured 8 x 12 inches. The sculpting was fairly easy to do by following different pictures from different angles of Finn. The cake was then filled with a mixture of jam and butter cream and a crumb … Read more

Coolest Cars 2 Cakes

Homemade  Cars 2 Cakes

For my twin boys’ fifth birthday, they each requested a car cake from Cars 2. One wanted Shu Todoroki and the other, Finn McMissile. It was a big undertaking as these were the first cars that I’ve tried. I started baking and making fondant (homemade MMF) the week prior to their party. I baked three … Read more

Cool Homemade Cars 2 Finn McMissile Cake

Coolest Cars 2 Finn McMissile Cake

My son who turns 7 right before the release of Cars 2 wanted a Finn McMissile cake. As he is a brand-new character for Pixar, we didn’t have much to go on. We copied a picture from the Pixar homepage and my Mom hand-traced the outline and features of Finn in pencil. We cut that … Read more

Coolest CARS 2 Finn McMissile Cake

Homemade CARS 2 Finn McMissile Cake

This CARS 2 “Finn McMissile” cake was made for our son’s 5th birthday. This was our first attempt actually making fondant (using marshmallows) for a cake instead of buying ready made. It was very easy to make and the texture of the fondant made it nice to work with and it didn’t dry out as … Read more