Cool Boots Birthday Cake

Cool Boots Birthday Cake

Well, it took me about three hours to do all together.  First I made a round cake for the head then a full cake for the body. Then another full cake for the arms and legs then another full cake to make the boots. My husband came in and said what are you doing putting a puzzle together! … Read more

Coolest Boots the Monkey Cake

Homemade Boots the Monkey Cake

I made this Boots the Monkey cake for Jack who was turning 3. I made a 14″ madera slab cake. I photocopied a colouring picture of Boots and enlarged his head 250%. I measured him up on the slab cake to make sure he fitted than traced the face onto baking paper, each different part … Read more

Coolest Boots Birthday Cake

Homemade Boots Birthday Cake

I made this Boots Birthday Cake for my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday party. She is a big Dora the Explorer fan. I used three boxed cake mixes and 5 containers of whipped vanilla frosting which I tinted using the Wilton paste colorings which produce a nice deep color. I made a 13 x 9 inch cake … Read more

Coolest Boots the Monkey Birthday Cake 3

Homemade Boots the Monkey Birthday Cake

My daughter loves Boots the monkey from the Dora the Explorer show. And for her 2nd birthday she wanted a Boots the Monkey Birthday Cake. So I went on line and could not find a Boots cake pan. Then I came across a monkey cake pan and got the idea to switch the colors and … Read more