Dreamy Dora Ballerina Cake

Dreamy Dora Ballerina Cake

I let my grandchildren choose their birthday cake theme.  At first my granddaughter wanted a ballerina cake because she had just started ballet class.  Then she changed her mind as 4 year old’s often do.  She decided on Dora the Explorer…so I made Dora a ballerina. I also made Boots and Swiper ballerinas.  The “boys” … Read more

Coolest Wow Wow Wubbzy and Dora 2nd Birthday Fondant Cake

Coolest Wow Wow Wubbzy and Dora 2nd Birthday Fondant Cake

Making this Wow Wow Wubbzy and Dora cake was pretty simple until I started making Dora  and Wubbzy. The fondant kept breaking between other ball and the characters. If I do a cake like this I have to figure out a way to make it stronger. This cake was a party cake and vanilla bean butter … Read more

Coolest Dora and Boots Birthday Cake

Coolest Dora and Boots Birthday Cake

My granddaughter loves the Dora & Boots DVD’s and asked me to bake her a Dora & Boots birthday cake for her 5th birthday party. Long before the time I searched the internet for suitable images of both of them until I found two nice ones. Then I enlarged them on a photocopy machine to … Read more

Heart-Shaped Dora Birthday Cake

Heart-Shaped Dora Birthday Cake

When we asked my two-year old daughter what she wanted for her third birthday, she replied, “A pink cake.”  Pause.  “With Dora on it.”  A couple of days later:  “A pink cake with Dora on it and a heart around her.”  Pause.  “With chocolate inside.”   When I asked whether it could be a square … Read more

Yummy Ice Cream Dora Cake

Yummy Ice Cream Dora Cake

My 3 year old absolutely loved this Dora cake. The only thing was making an ice cream cake in the middle of summer in the Tropics, was not the easiest thing. I spent most of my time icing the cake head first in the freezer.  The good thing was due to the heat it melted … Read more

Simple Homemade Dora Birthday Cake

Dora Birthday Cake

This Dora birthday cake was my first time using fondant. I didn’t know how to cover it with one sheet so I did it in sections and covered my seams, the top with icing, the center with fondant stars that I cut out with a cookie cutter. I just used bright colors and a Dora candle! … Read more

Cool Dora Cake

Havana's Dora Cake

My daughter Havana is a keen Dora fan and thus a Dora cake for her 2nd birthday was requested. I purchased a plain sponge and cut out the Dora shape from an image I found on the web. I used butter icing for the entire cake and licorice for the lines. It was a fairly … Read more

Cool Homemade Dora The Explorer Cake Made with the Wilton Pan

Homemade Dora The Explorer Cake

I used the Wilton pan to bake the Dora The Explorer Cake and decorated with butter cream icing along with the star tip. The peach coloring for the skin tone was very tricky just remember that the icing gets darker as it dries out. Outline first, then star in the icing, then go back and … Read more

Coolest Dora Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Dora Birthday Cake Design

This Dora Birthday Cake Design was for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I used the Frozen Butter Cream Transfer Technique. I taped the picture to a piece of clear Plexiglas and then placed a piece of wax paper over that. Plexiglas makes it easy to see places that you have missed. I traced out the picture … Read more

Coolest Dora Doll Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Dora Doll Birthday Cake Design

The Dora Doll Birthday Cake Design was made from pure love for my 3 year old daughter (who by the way is crazy about Dora the Explorer!) I started my research here at Coolest Cakes and found an amazing Dora Doll submission and I just knew I had to try and make one as well. … Read more

Coolest Dora the Explorer Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

I prepared this Dora the explorer cake for one of my husband’s co-workers. His little girl loved Dora the Explorer. I didn’t find and buy a pan, so I decided to hand carve the cake and cover it with modeling chocolate (most children dislike the taste of fondant). I made a chocolate buttercream for her … Read more

Coolest Dora Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips 5

This Dora birthday cake is for my daughters 2nd birthday. It’s a 12″ yellow cake with sprinkles baked in (like fun-fête). I hand drew Dora and Boots on the cake and used a basic star tip-16 to fill in the design and finished with a tip 3 to pipe details.s 2nd birthday. Its a 12″ … Read more

Coolest Dora the Explorer Cake Photos and How-To Tips 9

I bought a Dora the Explorer cake mold that comes with a picture and step by step instructions on how to decorate (I bought it at party city but it is readily available at party stores and online). Make sure to heavily coat the pan with a cooking spray that also contains flour and then … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake Ideas 1

This Dora the explorer birthday cake was made using two Cadbury chocolate cake packets in a rectangle cake pan. I simply cut the corners of the cake off to give the oval shape. I cut the cake horizontally and used chocolate frosting in the middle of the cake. My daughter has a plush Dora doll … Read more

Cute Homemade All Buttercream Dora the Explorer Cake

Dora the Explorer Cake

This Dora the Explorer cake is made entirely from cake and buttercream with a little structural support from wooden picks. I sculpted a refrigerated butter cake and then piped on the buttercream to make the features. The sandcastle is made from cake crumbs.

Coolest Dora Birthday Cake

Homemade Dora Birthday Cake

I made a 2 tier fondant covered Dora Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I made 3 8″ cakes (one vanilla, one chocolate, one strawberry). I leveled them and split them into two layers each. Then I trimmed one layer from each flavor to a 6″ round. I stacked them on a cardboard circle … Read more

Coolest Dora Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips 6

I got inspired to make this Dora birthday cake for my daughters first birthday after seeing all of the other Dora cakes on this site. I bought four round sponge cakes from the store and cut the shape of Dora out from them using a picture that I drew from a smaller picture as a … Read more

Coolest Dora the Explorer Cake Photos and How-To Tips 10

My niece likes Dora so when she turned 18 I thought she should have a really special Dora the Explorer cake. She loved the idea of a Dora cake. I used a Dora coloring sheet and cut out her head. I frosted the cake lightly with white frosting and traced the edge of her head/hair … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake Ideas 2

I found a picture of Dora the explorer that I liked from a coloring book. I traced it on to wax paper and then used frosting gel to go over the lines on the wax paper and put it on my already frosted cake. Slightly rub then slowly peal off. Now you have an outline … Read more