Coolest Swiper The Fox Birthday Cake

Homemade Swiper The Fox Birthday Cake

I started this Swiper The Fox Birthday Cake with a basic single-layer sheet cake (11 x 15), covered with fondant. I printed up a picture of Swiper the Fox from the internet and used it to make a template. Using a pin I poked holes through the template into the fondant to use as a … Read more

Swiper Cake

I saw a photo of this Swiper cake, made with the Partysaurus pan, on the site and made it myself. Swiper is known for being a kleptomaniac, so he is swiping a present, as he was in the other cake. The friend of my mother’s that it was made for (not the 3 year-old birthday … Read more

Swiper Cake

We used a Dinosaur cake pan, but turned it into “Swiper the Fox” from Dora the Explorer. The only character available in a pan is Dora the Explorer, but we wanted someone different (as we have already been to two parties this year with a Dora cake). So, we invented Swiper! It was actually pretty … Read more