Cool Homemade Stewie Birthday Cake

Homemade Stewie Birthday Cake

This is a cake I made for my 12 yr old son. It is of Stewie from the family guy show on TV. I started with a round cake pan. I used a double cake mix out of the box, Betty Crocker I think. I put most of the mix in one round pan and … Read more

Funny Homemade Stewie Birthday Cake

Homemade Stewie And Iron Man Birthday Cake

This year, for my husband’s birthday, I decided to make him a cake with the two characters he really likes, Iron Man & Stewie from Family Guy! So I drew Stewie pointing his finger at Iron Man and saying You must obey me Iron Manas he flies away! He loved the Stewie birthday cake and … Read more

Coolest Peter Griffin From Family Guy Cake

Homemade Peter Griffin From Family Guy Cake

I made this Peter Griffin from Family Guy cake for father’s day as my dad is a huge fan of the show. His favourite character is Peter and seeing as Peter is the father in the show, I thought it would be a good cake for father’s day! This website has no Peter Griffin cakes … Read more

Funny Homemade Stewie Cake

Homemade Stewie Cake

My fiance Wayne is a huge fan so for his birthday party this year I made him a Stewie cake. Just the head as I was pushed for time so the end result literally took me half an hour to ice. The cake is a chocolate sponge, covered in a Bournville buttercream finally covered in … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Stewie Cake

Homemade Stewie Cake

This Stewie Cake was made for my nephew’s 13th birthday. The head was made with two oval cakes which were carved to shape. The body was made with a rectangular coconut cake which was cut into four and then stacked together and carved. The kids had a blast cutting it and put cherry juice on … Read more

Cool Homemade Peter Griffin Birthday Cake

Homemade Peter Griffin Birthday Cake

I made this for my boyfriends’ birthday as he is a big fan of family guy and I wanted to make him an original birthday cake. I made it by making two rectangular pound cakes which were sandwiched together with jam and butter cream. I then carved the shape that I wanted (I made a … Read more

Coolest Family Guy Cake

Coolest Family Guy Cake Ideas

A friend loves Quagmire from the Family Guy show, so I decided to surprise him. I did not make the cake I just bought some sponge cakes from the local supermarket. I free drew a template, copied from a picture and cut the Family Guy cake to fit. I made butter icing and colored it. … Read more