Coolest Bruce the Shark Cake

Bruce the Shark Cake

I started making birthday cakes for my kids when my firstborn daughter turned one. I wanted to start a tradition of making them a homemade birthday cake – a special cake – every year. My mom always did that for me and I wanted my kids to remember me doing it for them so maybe … Read more

Cool Homemade Bruce the Shark Cake

My son loved Finding Nemo, and Bruce The Shark was his favorite. I wanted to make his cake look as much like Bruce as possible and still be edible. I used two store-bought yellow cake mixes and followed instructions for the 8×13 pan on the box. I baked one of the two cakes a bit … Read more

Creative Homemade Bruce the Shark Cake

Homemade Bruce the Shark Cake

I made this Bruce the Shark Cake for a friend’s 70th birthday. He is a swimmer, and his name is Bruce, so it seemed apt. I made 2 beautiful carrot/Jaffa cakes in 22cm dia, and 24cm dia round cake tins. The smaller was used for the face with a small amount sliced off the top … Read more