Coolest Finding Nemo Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 3

I made this Finding Nemo picture cake for my sons 2nd birthday. I used the Wilton football cake for Nemo’s body and a very large rectangular cake pan for the “ocean”.I had to use a knife to cut the football cake so it would lie flat onto the rectangular cake. If you are not planning … Read more

Coolest Finding Nemo Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 8

I used the Betty Crocker “Bake and Fill” domed cake pan for Nemo. I used a 9×16 bake pan for the background/base of this Finding Nemo picture cake. 1) Used 1 box of yellow cake mix and made a domed cake per the sets instructions. I filled the cavity with ice cream (not the best … Read more

Coolest Homemade Finding Nemo Cakes 2

This is a 12×18 two layer cake for the base that I made to look like the ocean. The Nemo body is made from the Wilton football pan (two put together on their sides). The fins are made from sugar cookie dough. I thought making Nemo cakes would be easy but even though this was … Read more

Finding Nemo Cake

Finding Nemo Cake

I made this Finding Nemo cake for my daughter’s first birthday. My oven wasn’t working so I couldn’t bake her cake but I was determined to do her a special cake. I bought 2 round sponge cakes and cut bits off and around to get the shape(its the cartoon version cos it was easier for … Read more

Coolest Nemo Birthday Cake

Homemade Nemo Birthday Cake

I made this Nemo birthday cake for my son’s 2nd birthday party. I used a football cake pan for the body. Then I made an 8 inch square cake and cut it diagonal (sculpted it a bit too) to form the tail. I used the rest of the 8 in. for the fins. I dyed … Read more

Cool Homemade Finding Nemo Cake Idea

Homemade Finding Nemo Cake

This Finding Nemo cake is my first cake. I made a rectangular butter cake, cut it horizontally and filled it with lemon curd. I then covered the cake with butter cream. I made 5 different colours of blue fondant and mixed them together to get the swirled effect. The characters are all made from gum … Read more

Coolest Nemo Cake

Homemade Nemo Cake

This was a Nemo cake that I made for a national competition. It was a hand sculpted cake covered in rolled fondant dyed orange. I used a small round cutter pressed into the fondant to achieve the scales look on the fish and the fins were rolled fondant that had been set out to dry … Read more

Coolest Bruce the Shark Cake

Bruce the Shark Cake

I started making birthday cakes for my kids when my firstborn daughter turned one. I wanted to start a tradition of making them a homemade birthday cake – a special cake – every year. My mom always did that for me and I wanted my kids to remember me doing it for them so maybe … Read more

Coolest Finding Nemo Cake Photos and How-To Tips 7

This Nemo cake was created using round cakes stacked unevenly on top of one another then using wooden sticks to secure them in place. The cake is decorated completely in Fondant and gumpaste. The individual decorations were then attached using toothpicks.

Coolest Finding Nemo Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 4

I made this Finding Nemo picture cake or my nieces birthday. The Nemo fish is made from the 3D egg pan. The fins and coral are made from fondant. The seashells are made of chocolate. The Nemo Fish is put on a sheet cake, which is half chocolate half gold.s birthday. The Nemo fish is … Read more

Coolest Finding Nemo Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 9

I baked two basic butter cakes (from the box). I found a Finding Nemo picture on the internet, enlarged it, printed it and cut it out. I left cake no.1 whole and cut a section out of cake no.2 so it fit onto cake no.1. I laid the Finding Nemo picture on top and cut … Read more