Cool Diego Jaguar Cake

Coolest Diego Birthday Cakes

My son wanted a Diego party for his third birthday. He wanted a baby Jaguar cake and I could not find much on Diego cakes so I found a 101 Dalmatians puppy pan and baked according to the instructions. I pretty much followed the shape of the puppy from the pan I just changed his … Read more

Coolest Diego Scene Cake

Homemade Diego Scene Cake

My son was turning 3 and he just loves Diego… my mom had found all the figures at Kmart and I chose all my colors for the icing. For this homemade Diego scene cake I started with two rectangle cakes… one side was butter recipe and the other side was chocolate… I bought professional buttercream … Read more

Coolest Diego Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

I made this cake for my son Sams third birthday. I searched your site for a Diego cake and this was my first attempt at a buttercream transfer. I downloaded a picture of Diego off the internet and made it the size I wanted. I taped it to a glass cutting board and covered it … Read more

Cute Homemade Diego Scene Birthday Cake

Homemade Diego Birthday Cake

My son picked a Diego theme for his 6th birthday. This particular Diego Birthday Cake was one of my easier creations thanks to a few pre-purchased toy props and a hunt through our toy box. I started with a one-layer cake baked in a large metal roasting pan however this could probably be scaled down … Read more

Coolest Diego Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

I made this Diego cake for my neighbor who asked if I could make him a cake since I have just started to make cakes for fun. This is a buttercream transfer and my first. I actually got the recipe from this website and the idea of what a butter cream transfer is. I just … Read more

Coolest Go Diego Go Theme Cake

Homemade Go Diego Go Theme Cake

When my daughter turned 3 she was obsessed with Go Diego Go. So I went with this theme for her birthday. I decided to make her cake instead of buying one. It was really easy. I made a boxed cake mix in a 9×13 pan and frosted it with white frosting. I made a path … Read more

Coolest Diego Cake Photos and How-To Tips 2

I made this Diego cake for my friends son’s 3rd birthday. I iced a cake orange. I splattered the top of the cake with the same color orange mixed with vodka to give it some added interest. Then I took a picture from a coloring book and tore it out and taped it to my … Read more

Cool Homemade Diego Cake

Diego Cake

I baked three chocolate, two inch round cakes for this Diego cake. I placed one on top of another with butter cream frosting in the middle. The third cake I cut in half and stacked them together with butter cream frosting in the middle. I inserted three wooden dowels in the bottom cake to support … Read more

Coolest Go Diego Rescue Pack Cake

Homemade Go Diego Rescue Pack Cake

This Go Diego Rescue Pack cake was fairly easy to create. Prep is key. You could also create a Dora Back Pack cake the same way. 1) I went to the Nick Jr. site and printed out a the Rescue Pack coloring page. I enlarged the picture until I got this size I wanted for … Read more

Coolest Diego Cake Photos and How-To Tips 3

I baked a sheet cake and drew Diego on it and filled it in with frosting. I used chocolate sprinkles for his hair. My son loved his Diego cake and party. We went to our local wild life park and it was a big hit.

Diego Cake

Diego Cake

This Diego cake was made for a person I work with. It was for her son’s birthday. She gave me the Diego pan, which I thought would make my life easier. Wrong! I don’t normally use character pans, I draw directly on the cake. When I took this cake out of the pan, I didn’t … Read more

Coolest Dora And Deigo Scene Cake

Homemade Dora And Deigo Scene Cake

This Dora And Diego Scene Cake was my first ever proper cake! I made it for my son’s 4th birthday party who is a huge Dora and Diego fan. Cake was adored by kids and parents alike. And it tasted good. Trees, Bridge and cars were shop bought toppers. Vanilla sponge cake made with three … Read more