Coolest Shaun the Sheep Birthday Cake

Coolest Shaun the Sheep Birthday Cake

My 2 year old son loves Shaun the sheep, so I decided to try my first attempt at cake decorating. I made a two layer Hershey’s chocolate cake, a  simple buttercream frosting, and cooked chocolate frosting similar to ganache (all from scratch with the exception of the eyes and legs–and all recipes found online with all … Read more

Coolest Shaun The Sheep Cake with Sheep Cupcakes

Coolest Shaun The Sheep Cake with Sheep Cupcakes

I think I’m a bit crazy to attempt such cakes but the delight on my daughter’s face makes the hours of stress seem worth it. Friends are always pretty impressed! I’m not a cake maker/ decorator but my Mum used to make me amazing cakes as a child and I LOVED it and still look … Read more

Coolest Timmy the Lamb Cake

Homemade Timmy the Lamb Cake

This cake was a labour of love! I made 2 pudding bowl sponges sandwiched together with jam, using the smaller for the head and the larger for the body. I used a small ‘Timmy’ toy as a model. I started by cutting the shape for the face from black fondant and attaching it to the … Read more

Coolest Shaun the Sheep Cake

Homemade Shaun the Sheep Cake

My son Sean really loves Shaun the sheep and had dressed up as Shaun the Sheep for a dress-up party at school, so it was a no-brainer to decide what cake he should have for his 5th birthday last year. The cake was a large rectangle chocolate cake when I started. I had printed off … Read more

Shaun the Sheep Cupcake

Homemade Shaun the Sheep Cupcake

My daughter loves Shaun the Sheep so I came up with a cute but easy way to make her a little something for her birthday. I just made some Jumbo Cupcakes and found a pic of Shaun on line and made the face out of color flow. I believe it was tip 18 and just … Read more