Coolest Simpsons Picture Cakes How-To Tips 2

This was a really easy and quick cake to make, my first shaped cake. I found a Simpsons picture that I liked and enlarged to fit my tin, approx 12″ x 8″. I then cheated and cut out the Homer print and placed on the sponge cake and cut the shape out. I then cut … Read more

Coolest Simpsons Picture Cakes How-To Tips 3

This cake was for a friends birthday party and I was asked to make something to do with Homer Simpson or Twinkies. So I decided to be creative and combine the two! Instead of Homer saying “Mmm..Donuts” he is thinking “Mmm…Twinkies” while gazing at a 20 Twinkie tower! This cake was made out of four … Read more

Coolest Kang and Kodos Birthday Cake

Homemade Kang and Kodos Birthday Cake

My 8 year old daughter is a huge fan of The Simpsons and wanted a cake featuring those two sinister, green, drooling extraterrestrials Kang and Kodos. The flying saucer is basically a chocolate cake baked in a fluted pan with the center hollowed out slightly as a platform for Kang and Kodos. I used a … Read more

Coolest Simpsons Picture Cakes How-To Tips 4

This started as an 8′ square cake and copied from a Simpsons picture. The back has to be trimmed width ways and placed on the seat. The seat x2 gives your sofa a bit more height if you need (I didn’t) and the arms are trimmed to shape and placed on the seat too. Stick … Read more

The Simpsons

The Simpsons

This cake was made for a friend’s 30th birthday. It is the character Ralph from The Simpsons which is my friend’s favorite character. To start with I used Funfetti cake mix. I baked two 14×14 square cakes and a large 14″ circular cake. I used the circular cake for the main body. I used the … Read more

Coolest Simpsons Picture Cakes How-To Tips 5

I decided to make a box cake because I only had a couple hours to put this together before my boyfriend came over. It was his 22nd birthday and I always wanted to try to make a cool cake and thanks to this website it inspired me. I chose a Homer Simpsons picture because thats … Read more

Coolest Simpsons Cake

Bart Simpsons Cake

This Simpsons cake is the very first cake I did. It was done for my brother on his 15th birthday. My dad actually gave me the idea and sort of set me along the right path. I baked a 9 by 15 in cake. I believe that was the measurement. Anyhow, it took two boxes … Read more

Coolest Simpsons Picture Cakes How-To Tips 6

Get a template pattern of a Simpsons picture from a kids coloring book, the internet or anything. Print out the picture to desired size and cut. Buy a sponge slab or make one. Using the template cut the cake out. Mix butter icing or use Betty Crocker pre made icings. Color the cake to desired … Read more