Coolest Simpsons Picture Cakes How-To Tips 5

I decided to make a box cake because I only had a couple hours to put this together before my boyfriend came over. It was his 22nd birthday and I always wanted to try to make a cool cake and thanks to this website it inspired me. I chose a Homer Simpsons picture because thats … Read more

Coolest Simpsons Cake

Bart Simpsons Cake

This Simpsons cake is the very first cake I did. It was done for my brother on his 15th birthday. My dad actually gave me the idea and sort of set me along the right path. I baked a 9 by 15 in cake. I believe that was the measurement. Anyhow, it took two boxes … Read more

Coolest Simpsons Picture Cakes How-To Tips 6

Get a template pattern of a Simpsons picture from a kids coloring book, the internet or anything. Print out the picture to desired size and cut. Buy a sponge slab or make one. Using the template cut the cake out. Mix butter icing or use Betty Crocker pre made icings. Color the cake to desired … Read more

Coolest Maggie Simpson Cake

Maggie Simpson Cake

My partner is a mad Simpson fan and for our daughters 1st birthday I made a Maggie Simpson cake. I purchased a sponge cake and cut out that shape from a picture I found on the internet. I used butter cream icing for the entire cake and separated the areas using licorice. The cake was … Read more

Coolest Simpsons Picture Cakes How-To Tips 7

One of my sons favorite shows is The Simpsons. So for his 15th birthday that’s what he wanted for his cake. For the cake decoration I made an outline copy of a picture I found of the Simpsons family on a piece of plain white paper. I covered it with wax paper and traced the … Read more

Coolest Homer Simpsons Birthday Cake

Homemade Homer Simpsons Birthday Cake

I made this Tiramisu / Homer Simpson birthday cake for my brother Nicolai’s 22nd birthday, since he loves both the Simpsons and mocha cakes. The sponge cake layers were made using a recipe for ladyfingers, but instead of piping ladyfingers, I spooned the mixture into three spring-form pans. Each layer was soaked in espresso and … Read more

Coolest Bart Simpson Birthday Cake

Homemade Bart Simpson Birthday Cake

I enlarged and printed out a picture of Bart that we found on the internet for this Bart Simpson Birthday Cake. I then traced it onto baking paper, cut out the picture then placed it onto the pre baked cakes and used toothpicks to keep it in place. Then I used a sharp knife and … Read more

Coolest Homer Simpson Cake

I made this Homer Simpson Cake using 3 packets of buttercake mix which I baked in a large rectangular tin. For the image I found a picture of Homer on the internet, blew it up to size and printed it on A3 paper. I then used wax paper to trace the outline of the head … Read more