Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake

Homemade Spiderman Birthday Cake

My son Colby loves Spiderman. This was the first year I attempted making my children’s birthday cakes. After I made my younger child’s cake, I realized this wasn’t so hard after all. For this homemade Spiderman birthday cake I used a 13″ x 19″ cake pan for the bottom layer and cut the number 5 … Read more

Coolest Red and Black Spiderman Birthday Cake

Homemade Red and Black Spiderman Birthday Cake

I got the recipe from this website from other people who submitted their cakes. The frosting for the Red and Black Spiderman Birthday Cake was homemade butter-cream compliments of a friend who is a chef. My boys turned 4 and 7 in December and they both wanted to have a party together this year so … Read more

Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake 133

Homemade Spiderman Birthday Cake

My grandson’s wanted a Spiderman Birthday Cake for his 7th birthday. I made 2 two layer 6 inch round cakes and one two layer 9inch cake and one 3 layer 9 inch cake. I made sugar cookies made cardboard cut out for the buildings, different sizes and cut the cookies to go around the small … Read more

Coolest Spiderman Cake Photos and How-To Tips 2

This is a Spiderman cake that I made for my little boys third birthday. :) The size of the cake was around 11X12 1/2″ I made a one-layer cake. That will serve 12-15 people. You could make it two layers or adjust the size of the slices to serve more people. I made a template, … Read more

Coolest Pictures of a Spiderman Cake 7

I got the idea for this cake from pictures of a Spiderman cake on this site. I iced a 1/4 sheet cake with white icing. I laid a piece of wax paper on top of a picture of Spiderman from a coloring book. I then cut out the picture and laid it out on the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spiderman Cakes 11

I used the Wiltons Spiderman cake pan. I added Spiderman cakes in a form of cupcakes, frosted in the same colors as the cake. I used Wilton spidery cake toppers and candles. The kids were so excited they mobbed the cake table! The cake is peanut, dairy and egg free. I used mixes from … Read more

Easy Homemade Spiderman Cupcakes

Spiderman Cupcakes

I used a box mix to make the Spiderman cupcakes. Then I frosted them all in white. I used buttercream frosting, tinted black to pipe a web design on each cupcake. Then I bought Spiderman rings and placed on on each cupcake for the finishing touch!

Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake

Homemade Spiderman Birthday Cake

I used two 10″ round cakes and frosted them red for this Spiderman Birthday Cake. After smoothing the icing out, I pressed a homemade paper template onto the cake for one of Spidey’s eyes, then reversed it and pressed it again to get the shape of the other eye onto the cake. Using black decorating … Read more

Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake

Homemade Spiderman Birthday Cake

I made this Spiderman Birthday Cake for my nephew’s first birthday. I looked up a picture of the empire state building and tried my best to carve out the cake to match. I had to split the building into different layers and cover each individual layer with fondant then stack them together each layer being … Read more

Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Spiderman Birthday Cake Idea

This Spiderman Birthday Cake Idea was made for a little boy’s birthday. I baked an 11 x 16 sheet pan. I covered the cake with buttercream icing using blue gel color. The Spiderman mask was one my 3 yr. old had so I placed it on the cake and traced around it with a toothpick. … Read more

Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake

Homemade Spiderman Birthday Cake

I did this Spiderman birthday cake for my grandson’s 3rd birthday party. I had bought a cake pan from Party City and baked it. I left it sitting for a day. Then I woke up at 6:00 in the morning just to finish it up. I finished it up by making the blue, red, and … Read more

Coolest Spider Man Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

Firstly, I dont bake! I order a half “plaatkoek” from our local supermarket and request that they don’t put any icing on. Then – I spend some time on the internet or coloring-in books looking for pictures. Once I’ve found something to work with, I print and enlarge to an A3. I then cut out … Read more