Super Hero Stack

Super Hero Stack

I started baking almost 14 years ago trying my hand for my son’s first birthday cake. And I fell in love. Over the years I tried to get better and better, while refusing to use fondant for any other purpose that small details. With that said, I have had to realize that my cakes would … Read more

Coolest Leaning Superheroes Cake

Coolest Leaning Superheroes Cake

These “leaning” cakes are all the rage right now! I was a little scared and nervous when a friend showed me a picture and asked me if I could make this cake for her son’s birthday. I knew I had to make the cake perfect because I couldn’t let the little boy down. So, I … Read more

4 Tiers of Nerd Cake Delight

4 Tiers of Nerd Cake Delight

I was asked to make a surprise birthday cake for a guy turning 40. All I knew was that it had to be 4 tiers and also had to be superhero themed. I decided the easiest way to incorporate a large number of characters would be to just make the logos for each of them … Read more

Super Hero Personalized Birthday Cake

Super Hero Personalized Birthday Cake

This Super Hero cake was for my son’s 4th birthday. He could not choose just one Super Hero so I incorporated a few in one cake.  He loved it!  I used 2 8 inch x 3 inch deep rounds. He chose chocolate cake with white butter cream frosting. The whole cake was covered in homemade fondant as … Read more

Cool Homemade Superheroes Birthday Cake

Homemade  Superheroes Birthday Cake

This Superheroes Birthday Cake is a basic chocolate cake recipe. Traced all the superhero emblems with rice paper and coloured in with appropriate coloured icing. Pretty basic and simple to make and a definite hit for boys. The colours all coincide with each other too.

Coolest Superheroes Birthday Cake

Homemade Superheroes Birthday Cake

This Homemade Superheroes Birthday Cake is Fondant covered 8inch, 6inch and 4inch chocolate cakes filled with white chocolate and vanilla buttercream. All the characters are 50/50 gumpaste and fondant. I really enjoyed making this for a 5year old little boy’s birthday and got my inspiration from other cake pictures. I forgot to take pictures of … Read more

Coolest Superhero Trio Cake

Homemade Superhero Trio Cake

I made this Superhero Trio Cake for my son’s 5th birthday. I used a triple batch of chocolate cake batter and one 15″ round cake pan (with edge strips and cake nails to ensure even baking throughout), one 9″ round cake pan, and one 9″ square cake pan (and afterward cut the Superman portion into … Read more

Cool Homemade Superhero Birthday Cake

Homemade Superhero Birthday Cake

My son wanted a superhero themed cake for his 5th birthday; his favourites being Spiderman and Batman. I decided to make him a Homemade Superhero Birthday Cake myself. This is my second attempt at a homemade fondant cake. The cake is a basic round sponge cake with a marshmallow fondant icing. I downloaded the Batman … Read more

Coolest Superhero Rainbow Layer Cake

Homemade Superhero Rainbow Layer Cake

My little guy wanted a Superhero party and since I’m not up on all those other superheroes I made him the superhero. After searching high & low on this site & others (like the Wilton’s key to the city cake and YouTube videos on how to make a rainbow cake), I decided on this Homemade … Read more

Coolest Superhero Birthday Cake

Homemade Superhero Birthday Cake

A friend asked me to make a Superhero birthday cake for her son’s 3rd birthday, with his favorite heroes. She showed me a picture of a cake she saw, but I changed it with my idea of how I wanted it to look. The look on her little boy’s face when he saw it said … Read more

Coolest Super Hero Birthday Cake

Homemade Super Hero Birthday Cake

I used boxed cake mix (DH-yellow cake with a touch of my own real vanilla) and store bought vanilla butter cream to “dirty ice” the cake layers. BTW–It tasted just like Twinkies! Then made MMF to cover each layer in primary color: the bottom layer is half blue and half yellow, the top is all … Read more

Hand-Sculpted Superheros Birthday Cake

Homemade Superheros Birthday Cake

All the characters on this Superheros Birthday Cake, Batman, Ironman & Spiderman were hand sculpted from fondant and gumpaste. The Spiderwebs are made of White Chocolate, the flames made of fondant which I marbleized.