Cool Veggie Tales Cake

Cool Veggie Tales Cake

I made this Veggie Tales cake for a very good friends son’s first birthday. Larry stood just a few inches shy of the birthday boys height and was both decorated with fondant and modeling chocolate. Both characters were airbrushed with Avocado green and yellow for shadowing and each were double chocolate cake with ganache frosting.

Coolest Veggie Tales Cake

Veggie Tale Cake

My son absolutely loves the Veggie Tales so this year, I wanted to give it a shot. I looked everywhere for Veggie Tale cakes and no one knew how to make these cakes. I went online and found your wonderful website and read the directions of folks and behold, I thought I could do it. … Read more

Coolest Larryboy Cake

Homemade Larryboy Cake

My son, Eli, wanted a Larryboy cake for his 5th birthday. The only cakes I had ever made and decorated were basic cake and frosting kind. Nothing creative. I knew I probably couldn’t buy a Larryboy cake at my local grocery store, so I decided to research them and give it a shot. Many of … Read more

Coolest Larry the Cucumber Cake

Homemade  Larry the Cucumber Cake

I made this Larry the Cucumber Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I used a store bought cake mix and made a 9×13 cake. I then cut out a “cucumber” shape on construction paper to serve as my shape to trace. I frosted it white then used green spray to cover the white frosting. The … Read more

Coolest Larry and Bob Birthday Cake

Homemade Larry and Bob Birthday Cake

My mom and I baked this homemade Larry and Bob birthday cake and cupcakes for my son’s 1st birthday. We used tips from others on this site. Larry is made out of a 9×13 cake and 9in round cake. We put half of the round on each end and carved one side of the 9×13 … Read more

Coolest Larry Boy Childrens Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

My son loves Larry-Boy so for his second birthday I decided to give it a try seeing as I always make a childrens cake for their birthdays. I baked a large chocolate sheet cake from scratch (crazy cake’) and cut a large oval from it. With the left over edges I built Larry-Boy up in … Read more

Coolest Larry Boy Childrens Cake Photos and How-To Tips 3

I saw a childrens cake very similar to this on this website and thought Id try making it for my nephew’s 2nd birthday. He loves veggie tales and was ecstatic. Wasn’t difficult at all and I didn’t use any molds…just a flat 9 x 12 cake pan and did the rest by hand with icing. … Read more

Coolest Larry Boy Childrens Cake Photos and How-To Tips 5

This is a cupcake Veggie Tale childrens cake. I placed approximately 20 cupcakes in a square then iced right across the top of all of them using buttercream. I then did Larry and the saying using edible rice/wafer paper that I had traced the outline and saying with food coloring markers (got both from cake … Read more

Coolest Larry Boy Childrens Cake Photos and How-To Tips 6

My son was obsessed with Larry Boy, the hero based on the Veggie Tale series. For this childrens cake, I used two cake mixes and baked one 9×13 inch cake with one. I then used one 9-inch round, one medium glass bowl and one small glass bowl with the other mix. I placed the 9×13 … Read more