Coolest Rapunzel Lantern Birthday Cake

Homemade Rapunzel Lantern Birthday Cake

I wanted something a little bit different. My daughter’s third birthday theme was her favorite princess, Rapunzel and I saw a lot of the flat cakes with Rapunzel on top. I had a Rapunzel figurine and figured, this was worth a shot. I made the cake homemade and doubled the recipe. I separated the cake … Read more

Coolest Humpty Dumpty Cake

Homemade Humpty Dumpty Cake

My son loved the Humpty Dumpty rhyme as a baby so my husband and I made him this Humpty Dumpty cake for his 1st birthday. The bottom is an ordinary circle cake. We made the grass out of coconut coloured with green food colouring. And then just plain old smarties and sprinkles for the other … Read more

Coolest Easy Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Homemade Easy Rapunzel Birthday Cake

I was having my girls’ 5th party at a location other than our house, so I needed a simple cake that I could move easily. I wanted to have a 3D cake like the ones on this website, but wasn’t sure how to move it or keep it fresh before the party, so I made … Read more

Coolest Tangled Birthday Cake

Coolest Tangled Birthday Cake

My three year old daughter loves Tangled so I thought we should have a Tangled birthday cake. I did some research online and found some great ideas for making the tower etc. I asked my wife what she thought and she said to do what ever I wanted. Of course, because I love my little … Read more

Coolest Rapunzel Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Rapunzel Birthday Cake Design

I made this Rapunzel Birthday Cake Design for my niece for her 3rd birthday. This was my first fondant and my first theme cake! I was clueless starting out but slowly figured it out. First, I used a box mix as my base and added a few things to make a white almond sour cream … Read more

Coolest Humpty Dumpty Birthday Cake

Homemade Humpty Dumpty Birthday Cake

My daughter requested a homemade Humpty Dumpty birthday cake for her second birthday and initially I thought we would make a “flat one” but after Googling some pictures, I saw one on this website made with cupcakes which seemed feasible. Fortunately my mother is very creative and was enthusiastic about making it after I showed … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Homemade Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Cake

I made this Tangled Rapunzel birthday cake for my beloved daughter’s 5 yr’s old birthday with all her favorite stuff – her favorite princess, fruit & M&M. This is a simple to make cake and for a person who know nothing ‘bout baking that started her 1st ever butter cake baking only in Nov 2011, … Read more

Coolest Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Homemade Rapunzel Birthday Cake

I made this Rapunzel Birthday Cake for my niece’s 5th birthday party. Rapunzel was in attendance, so I needed to make sure my details where on point! I purchased a Rapunzel Barbie and inserted her into the cake (I used the Wilton Wonder Doll cake pan), then added all the details with fondant. They do … Read more

Coolest Rapunzel “Tangled” Lantern Scene Cake

Homemade Rapunzel

Initially I had crafted a tower out of rice crispie treats for the left side of the cake and a small river to the right, but I ran into fondant problems so I had to re-route the river last minute to cross the Rapunzel “Tangled” Lantern Scene Cake. I used a 9×13 pan, the birthday … Read more