Coolest Tangled Cake with Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

Homemade Tangled Cake with Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

If you are like me and a tower cake is incredibly intimidating, then steal my idea and create the romantic gondola scene from the movie. I used cupcakes for bushes to add a 3D effect and Wilton Blue Sparkle icing for the water shimmer. The Flynn Rider/ Rapunzel doll set was only 12.00 at Walmart … Read more

Coolest Tangled Birthday Cake

Homemade Tangled Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Tangled Birthday Cake for my friend’s daughter. They provided me with the Barbie doll and left the rest up to me. First I sketched how I wanted the cake to look. I copied the top of the dress and decided where I will use lavender fondant, and where buttercream will be … Read more

Coolest Tangled Tower Cake 43

Homemade Tangled Tower Cake

This Tangled Tower cake was fun and hard to make. I made a square cake and used cupcakes and kabob sticks to hold them together to make the tower. I then used and ice cream cone as the top and put Tangle Barbie in it with her hair dangling down. I added decorations and fondant … Read more