Coolest Franky Frankenstein Cake

Coolest Franky Frankenstein Cake

I introduced Franky Frankenstein to a party we went to last year for Halloween. We live in NYC and instead of going trick or treating on the streets, the kids all get together and go in one huge building near school. A friend who lives in the building had a party, so the kids had … Read more

Coolest Bride of Frankenstein Cake

Bride of Frankenstein Cake

I made my mother-in-law a Bride of Frankenstein cake for her birthday since her birthday is around Halloween and we were having a Halloween theme party. I took two 9×13 pans and cut them down to make them more rectangle shaped. I “glued” them together with icing and iced the bottom green and the top … Read more

Coolest Bride of Frankinstien Cake

Bride of Frankinstien Cake

This Bride of Frankinstien cake was for a little girl’s 3rd Birthday/Halloween Party. This was one of my first cakes like this. But after I was done with it I was really pleased with it. Everybody at the party could not stop talking about how good it looked. I used loaf pans and baked 4 … Read more

Coolest Bride of Frankenstein Cake 19

Bride of Frankenstein Cake

This bride of Frankenstein cake was made for my son’s DayCare Halloween Party. I used a full slab of cake, 17×23 (just removed the middle to show as if therr was 2 different characters). I’ve seen many a bride of Frankenstein but not too many Frankenstein himself done in a cake. So I improvised on … Read more

Cool Homemade Frankenstein Cake

Homemade Frankenstein Cake

I made this Frankenstein Cake for my sister in-laws Halloween party, everyone enjoyed it very much. I started with stacking four round chocolate cakes. Then I did a crumb coat on all four layers. Cooled cake in fridge. Then I iced them green, except the top portion of the head. Used chocolate writing pen to … Read more

Coolest Frankenstein Cake

Homemade Frankenstein Cake

I covered this Frankenstein cake with MMF over buttercream. It is made of three layers-bottom 8″ round, middle 6″ Angel food (filled with buttercream in center hole ), 8″ round top layer-leave leveled. Ears, eyes, and nose shape are fondant. For the nose I made a base out of fondant, but left a top ‘hinge’ … Read more

Coolest Homemade Frankenstein Cake Ideas

Coolest Frankenstein Cake Ideas and Photos

This was a cake I made for a Halloween last year! I drew up outlines for both Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein and used that as templates for the shape of the cake. Then I found some pictures and used those to help me ice them. With Frankenstein, I wanted to make his outfit … Read more

Coolest Frankenstein Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

I used two boxed cake mixes and made a square cake and three round cakes for this Halloween cake. I used the Wiltons basic buttercream frosting recipe and colored it as needed. The square cake was placed on foil covered cardboard and frosted with purple colored frosting. I stacked all three round cakes on top … Read more

Coolest Frankenstein Cake Photos and How-To Tips 2

This cake was made for my 6 year old sons Halloween themed birthday party. It started out to be a hairy spider cake that I saw in a magazine, but I ran out of white icing that I tinted green. With only the top bit left to do, I didn’t want to run out to … Read more