Coolest Monster Book of Monsters Cake

I made this Monster Book of Monsters cake for my 9 year old nephew. He loves reading and as most boys that age, the Harry Potter books are a favorite. So, I looked online for some inspiration and I saw a few similar type cakes and decided to give it a go. The cake was … Read more

Harry Potter Book of Monsters Cake

Harry Potter Book of Monsters Cake

This Harry Potter Book of Monsters Cake is perfect for anyone who loves chocolate and Harry Potter. I made this for a college friend who was obsessed with Harry Potter, in the kitchen in my dorm building freshman year that I shared with about 100 other people.  It had an unpredictable oven and about two square … Read more

21st Birthday Harry Potter Cupcake Tower

21st Birthday Harry Potter Cupcake Tower

This cupcake tower was made for a massive fan of Harry Potter. It was her 21st. The hardest part about making this was the toppers. A few of them were pretty straight forward where as the others just wouldn’t work. The Golden Snitch for example, I made them on toothpick the first time but the next … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Cake

Coolest Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Cake

My 9 year old wanted a Harry Potter party, and my husband suggested Hogwarts for the cake. After initially scoffing, saying “impossible”, I looked to this site for inspiration, and decided to do it! The castle is made of two 9×13 cakes, cut in half and stacked up (I used 3 layers, but could use … Read more

Coolest Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake

This Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake is a fruit cake covered with chocolate Ganache. The fruit cake is one of my mom’s recipes. What gives this cake a really nice taste and aroma are the canary/cake seeds. The chocolate Ganache was made with equal proportions of chocolate and cream. I made the castle roof with ice … Read more

Cool Homemade Harry Potter Gryffindor Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake Design

I based this Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake Design off the movies and had a great time making it. The bottom is a chocolate cake with Oreo cream cheese filling and the “book” cakes are red velvet with cream cheese filling. All the objects are plain old fondant and then painted. The golden snitch has … Read more

Cool Homemade Hogwarts Birthday Cake

Homemade Hogwarts Birthday Cake

I made this Hogwarts birthday cake for my sister’s 16th birthday. The whole thing is edible, no cardboard or foam. The base is made of 6 rectangular cakes and the castle and Hagrid’s hut are carved from another 2, the lake is made from blue caramel, the towers are cake with fondant towers and the … Read more

Coolest Snape Birthday Cake

Homemade Snape Birthday Cake

It was my husband’s birthday last week, but he had to work all weekend, so we postponed the celebration. I wanted to make it special, since he had such a miserable birthday. He loves Harry Potter, and especially Snape, so I decided to make a Snape birthday cake. The cake itself was two layers of … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter Book Cake

Homemade Harry Potter Book Cake

This Harry Potter Book Cake is a 100% edible fondant book cake. The book cover I used a painted technique to get the aged look.

Coolest Harry Potter Gingerbread Hogwarts Cake

Homemade  Harry Potter Gingerbread Hogwarts Cake

This Harry Potter Gingerbread Hogwarts Cake has lots of fiddly bits but fun to make! Gave it away for my school Christmas Fete which had a Hogwarts theme. The most tricky bit was cooking the gingerbread into tubes for the towers!

Coolest Homemade Monster Book Harry Potter Cakes 2

My son wanted a Harry Potter Literary Theme for his 7th birthday this year. I have always enjoyed making his cakes for his parties. We decided to make the cake look like one of the HP books. I used a Wilton book pan and a 9X14 pan. This is essentially two cakes, one topping the … Read more