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60+ Awesomely Magical Homemade Harry Potter Cakes

Delve into the magical world of witches and wizards with these enchantingly awesome Harry Potter cakes. Leave the muggle world behind as you enter this weird and wonderful extraordinary world. Impress your biggest and littlest Potterheads with these fantastical homemade cake ideas.

Take inspiration from the Hogwarts castle, Harry’s Gryffindor scarf and, of course, the golden snitch. Learn how to make a 3D Hegwig the owl cake, a monster’s book of monsters and Harry’s iconic glasses. In addition, you will also find even more ideas from the sorting hat to professor Snape on a cake (and it’s amazingly clever). There are so many spellbinding designs, it will be hard to chose your favorite one. You will need to make your own Harry Potter cake after viewing these awesome designs.

So jump on a broomstick and fly off into this collection of amazing Harry Potter cakes below.

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