Cool Homemade Golden Snitch Birthday Cake

Homemade Golden Snitch Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Golden Snitch Birthday Cake for his birthday and I wasn’t sure how to approach it. I made a round cake using Wilton soccer tin. I made the wings out of paper and sprayed them with golden hairspray on both sides and then attached them to wooden skewers and placed them in … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter and the Golden Egg Cake

Homemade Harry Potter and the Golden Egg Cake

I cut a 13″ sponge cake into shape, added height using cut offs and covered the whole cake including the board in white fondant icing. With a very soft wide brush and black, green and brown food colour I painted the rocks. To paint these I used the coloured paste as if you were water … Read more

Coolest Hogwarts Cake Design

Homemade Hogwarts Cake Design

I made this Hogwarts Cake Design for my twin nephews 7th birthday. Hogwarts in all its glory atop a rocky ridge with Harry, Ron & Hermione walking up the dirt path leading to the school. The 1st cake layer is sculpted and frosted with the grass tip. The 2nd cake layer is frosted with gray … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter Snitch Cake

Homemade Harry Potter Snitch Cake

I hosted my son’s 9th Birthday with a full blown Harry Potter party complete with Quidditch Match and Great Hall Dining room. Desert was this Harry Potter Snitch Cake. The base is chocolate cake I baked in a Bundt cake pan. The ball was made from a ball cake pan from Wilton – that was … Read more

Awesome Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake Design

My niece is a HUGE Harry Potter fan so for her 21st birthday I decided to make her favorite book. The Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake Design is made from a chocolate fudge 1/4 sheet. I rolled out fondant colored with yellow coloring and a little brown to give it an aged appearance, measured the … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter Horcrux Cake

Homemade Harry Potter Horcrux Cake

This Harry Potter Horcrux Cake is a homemade white cake with green butter cream frosting. The cake was then layered and coiled on top of each other. The head of the snake was shaped by using rice cereal and marshmallows. We did a dirty layer of frosting to get rid of crumbs and then smoothed … Read more

Coolest Hogwarts Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Hogwarts Birthday Cake Design

My sons have their birthdays in the same month and we all share a love for Harry Potter, so we decided to have a joint birthday party with a Harry Potter theme. I asked my oldest what he wanted the cake to be, and when he told me Hogwart’s Castle I didn’t know if I … Read more

Cool Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake Design

My daughter loves Harry Potter. I wanted to practice making a cake that looked like a book. This Harry Potter Birthday Cake Design was a perfect fit. The books were painted with a brush to look like old leather. I used blue and black on the bottom cake to try and make it look old. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hogwarts Castles and Harry Potter Cake Ideas 2

My son was a huge Harry Potter fan about 2 years ago and wanted a Harry Potter cake. I decided to try my hand at a “Castle”. The columns are paper towel/toilet paper holders and the “points” are ice cream cones. Everything else is “cake”! It is a 3-tiered cake and I purchased Harry Potter … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter Castle Cake Design

Homemade Harry Potter Castle Cake Design

My son decided that for his 10th birthday, he was too big for a theme until I suggested Harry Potter, since he’s been reading the series. We used lots of descriptions from the books, with black, gold, and red (Gryffindor colors) for decorations, goblets, candles, “every flavor Jelly Beans” and gold galleons! There was even … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter Mandrake Cake

Homemade Harry Potter Mandrake Cake

I was asked by my daughter to make a ‘Harry Potter’ themed cake for her best friend’s 18th Birthday. I had seen many cakes depicting the books, sorting hat, wands etc and wanted to do something different. I had seen a Harry Potter Mandrake Cake but thought the root person wasn’t ugly or magical enough. … Read more

Coolest Hedwig the Owl Cake

Homemade Hedwig the Owl Cake

My nephew was having a Harry Potter birthday party and I was in charge of the cake. I had recently acquired a Williams-Sonoma Build-a-Bear cake pan (which I believe they’ve already discontinued,) and had used it a couple of times. To make this Hedwig the Owl Cake, I imagined the owl inside the bear cake. … Read more

Coolest Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake

This Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake is a fruit cake covered with chocolate Ganache. The fruit cake is one of my mom’s recipes. What gives this cake a really nice taste and aroma are the canary/cake seeds. The chocolate Ganache was made with equal proportions of chocolate and cream. I made the castle roof with ice … Read more

Cool Homemade Harry Potter Gryffindor Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake Design

I based this Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake Design off the movies and had a great time making it. The bottom is a chocolate cake with Oreo cream cheese filling and the “book” cakes are red velvet with cream cheese filling. All the objects are plain old fondant and then painted. The golden snitch has … Read more

Cool Homemade Hogwarts Birthday Cake

Homemade Hogwarts Birthday Cake

I made this Hogwarts birthday cake for my sister’s 16th birthday. The whole thing is edible, no cardboard or foam. The base is made of 6 rectangular cakes and the castle and Hagrid’s hut are carved from another 2, the lake is made from blue caramel, the towers are cake with fondant towers and the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Monster Book Harry Potter Cakes 2

My son wanted a Harry Potter Literary Theme for his 7th birthday this year. I have always enjoyed making his cakes for his parties. We decided to make the cake look like one of the HP books. I used a Wilton book pan and a 9X14 pan. This is essentially two cakes, one topping the … Read more

Coolest Snape Birthday Cake

Homemade Snape Birthday Cake

It was my husband’s birthday last week, but he had to work all weekend, so we postponed the celebration. I wanted to make it special, since he had such a miserable birthday. He loves Harry Potter, and especially Snape, so I decided to make a Snape birthday cake. The cake itself was two layers of … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter Book Cake

Homemade Harry Potter Book Cake

This Harry Potter Book Cake is a 100% edible fondant book cake. The book cover I used a painted technique to get the aged look.

Coolest Harry Potter Gingerbread Hogwarts Cake

Homemade  Harry Potter Gingerbread Hogwarts Cake

This Harry Potter Gingerbread Hogwarts Cake has lots of fiddly bits but fun to make! Gave it away for my school Christmas Fete which had a Hogwarts theme. The most tricky bit was cooking the gingerbread into tubes for the towers!

Coolest Homemade Monster Book Harry Potter Cakes 1

I made this cake for my best friends two little boys and their Harry Potter themed joint birthday party. I searched for Harry Potter cakes but in the end made this monster book. I used two cakes, one 15 x 11 1/2 sheet cake for the monster book and formed open book pan the same … Read more