Coolest Mr. Bump Cake

Homemade Mr. Bump Cake

My son wanted a Mr Bump cake for his 4th birthday. Mr Bump is a character from the Mr Men series (books and TV show). I decided to challenge myself and make him in 3D chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache and covered with fondant. He ended up quite tall so I added a support … Read more

Coolest Mr. Men Birthday Cake

Homemade Mr. Men Birthday Cake

My son loves Mr. Men books. For his 5th birthday, I made these cakes using an imagine I found online. It was actually pretty simple. Mr. Tickle is an oval cake with the top and bottom trimmed, Mr. Bump is an 8″ round. Both iced with butter cream frosting. The bandages, arms, legs, mouth, hat, … Read more

Coolest Mr. Birthday from Mr. Men Cake

Homemade Mr. Birthday from Mr. Men Cake

I loved the Mr. Men books growing up and thought this would be a great and different 1st birthday cake idea for my son. I had only made one really basic snowman cake before this so I was a little cautious. I had to make a cake big enough for a large number of guests … Read more

Coolest Mr Men Birthday Cake

Homemade Mr Men Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Mr Men Birthday Cake for his 4th birthday, he wasn’t bothered which Mr Man so I thought Mr Bump might be the easiest to make. I made two 9 inch round cakes using a basic Victoria sponge recipe (4oz butter, 4oz sugar, 4oz flour, 2 eggs and a little hot water. … Read more