Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake Ideas

Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake Ideas

This is a boxed cake mix made in a 13×9 cake pan. I searched and searched for a Curious George cake pan without any luck so we decided we’d have to freehand one. First I frosted the entire cake in yellow. I then outlined George’s face from a coloring book page and piped that in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Curious George Cake Ideas

Coolest Curious George Cake Photos and Tips

I used several ideas from this site to come up with this Curious George cake. I baked two 9-inch rounds and made two batches of buttercream frosting, one chocolate (some light for his face some darker for his hair) and one vanilla. I use the Wilton buttercream recipe. I used the darker chocolate frosting for … Read more

Coolest Tigger Birthday Cakes

Coolest Tigger Cartoon Cake Photos and How-To Tips

For my son’s first birthday we threw a Tigger Party and I came up with this cartoon cake to match the theme. I baked a 9×13 vanilla cake (vanilla cakes are easier to ice than chocolate because the crumbs don’t show as much!) and made icing with shortening and icing sugar. I iced the cake … Read more

Coolest Eeyore Cakes

Coolest Birthday and Celebration Cake Photo Gallery

I made this celebration cake by cutting an 8″ round in half to make a half circle then I stuck it together with whipped cream icing. The nose and legs are wedges cut out of a second 8″ round. I used a grass tip and whipped icing to make the fur. The ears are Graeme … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Cake Ideas and Decorating Tips

Coolest Tinkerbell Cake Ideas and Photos

I made this Tinkerbell cake for my boyfriend’s niece’s 4th birthday party. She really likes Tinkerbell and princesses so I decided to make a Tinkerbell cake! Since Tinkerbell is sort of a woodsy pixie I thought it would be cool to make the towers into trees. I added grass around the top part and bottom. … Read more

Coolest R2-D2 Birthday Cake

Coolest R2-D2 Birthday Cake

“What kind of cake do you want me to make you for your birthday this year,” I asked my son. “I want a Star Wars cake!” he replied. “Do you want me to pick something and surprise you with it?” I asked. “YES!” was his reply. And so the adventure began. A Google search for … Read more

Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Cake

I made this Rainbow Fish cake for my little boy’s second birthday. He was a huge fan of Rainbow Fish and we were constantly reading an over sized book called Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale. I knew I was going to make a Rainbow Fish cake and after much thought I decided to copy the … Read more

Coolest Hedwig the Owl Cake from Harry Potter

I made this cake for some friends of mine.  They just asked me for Hedwig but I got carried away as I am a big fan of Harry potter. So I saw this fantastic cake stand on ebay that looked like a bird cage and that’s when this cake was born. Everything just had to … Read more

Awesome 3D Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Cake

Cake Decorating Contest

Our “Audrey II” cake was made for an actor in the lead role of “Seymour” in a stage production of “Little Shop Of Horrors”.  This cake was so much fun to make! The cake board is a wooden disk covered in food grade gold foil.  I used a center post attached to the cake base … Read more

Amazing Hagrid’s Hut from Harry Potter Birthday Cake

My now 6 year old daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter, so she was dying for a Harry Potter party.  We (well OK I) tend to go a little nuts with the theme, but this was such fun! As I’m not confident enough in my cake making abilities to create Hogwarts, I decided that Hagrid’s Hut would be … Read more

Original Winnie the Witch Birthday Cake

Original Winnie the Witch Birthday Cake

I was asked by a family member who works for Oxford Publishers to make her daughter a Winnie the Witch cake, in line with Halloween. She and her daughter loves the Winnie books! Alison turned 6 on Halloween this year and so her mom swayed her to go with something a little different to the … Read more