Coolest Chewbacca 1st Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Chewbacca 1st Birthday Cake Design

The Chewbacca 1st Birthday Cake Design I made for my son’s birthday. I wanted something that would be memorable for everyone who came and what would be more memorable than a Wookiee Cake? The cake was a basic 4 Egg Yellow Cake baked in the Wilton Sports Ball Cake Pan. I cut the bottom off … Read more

Coolest R2D2 Star Wars Birthday Cake

Homemade R2D2 Star Wars Birthday Cake

I made this R2D2 Star Wars birthday cake for the 7th birthday party of a close family friend. I searched the web and modified all that I found to create this cake. Legs and base: The legs and base are made out of MDF board and Styrofoam. I didn’t feel that rice krispy treats would … Read more

Coolest R2D2 Cake

R2D2 Cake

When my son wanted a Star Wars theme for his 8th birthday, I started researching cakes on this site. I quickly decided on a R2D2 cake because I wanted to make a 3D cake, but I couldn’t find any that I was crazy about. Still, I got lots of ideas. This cake was only difficult … Read more

Coolest Master Yoda Birthday Cake

Homemade Master Yoda Birthday Cake

Master Yoda, is a 3ft high standing cake. He is covered in modeling chocolate, his ears and walking stick are also modeling chocolate but you can use fondant. Tools needed for this project. Ball tool, Dresden tool, umbrella tool. I started by making six, 8inch round cakes, stacked and fill. Then be sure to chill … Read more

Coolest Star Wars X-Wing Cake

Coolest Star Wars X-Wing Cake Photos

My son was turning six and he said he wanted an X-wing cake. So I searched the internet but could not find one. I made this cake the night before his party just in case it didn’t turn out that I could run to the store and purchase one the day of his party. He … Read more

Coolest R2D2 Star Wars Cakes 10

We used 9-inch round cake pans, baked 3 cakes, used a large round Pyrex bowl to create 1/2 of the dome and used a smaller metal pan to create the top of dome. We tried layering the Star Wars cakes up to 6 layers, but that collapsed. My solution was to take a large soup … Read more

Coolest Star Wars Scene Cake

Homemade Star Wars Scene Cake

My son is really into Star Wars and wanted a Star Wars Scene Cake for his 4th birthday. I decided to make one myself and searched the internet and this site for ideas and this is what I came up with. I started with 2 cake mixes. One baked in a 9 x 13 pan … Read more