Awesome Doctor Who Tardis Birthday Cake

doctor who tardis cake

Right now, before I start, I just want to say that I have very little experience in cake making (especially a Doctor Who Tardis cake!). But in general I just have a flair for design. It’s amazing that with a little bit of effort you can achieve wonders. I was asked by a close friend … Read more

Coolest Dr Who Birthday Cake

Coolest Dr Who Birthday Cake

My friend who I used to go to school with many years ago, asks me to make lots of cakes for her and I’m always up for the challenge. Well, it was due to be her grandson’s birthday and he loves Dr Who, and this is the theme of the cake he asked for. I … Read more

Cool Doctor Who Tardis Cake

He wants a What?! A Tardis Cake?

I was asked to do a Tardis cake. First, what’s a Tardis? Oh, it’s from Dr. Who. Still had no idea. So I did some research. A tall square cake. Easy enough. Hahaha. Not so much. So then I started Googling “how to make a Tardis.”  Amazingly enough, there were print outs for “fold your … Read more

Coolest Dr Who Dalek Birthday Cake

Homemade Dr Who Dalek Birthday Cake

This Homemade Dr Who Dalek Birthday Cake looks difficult but in fact is quite easy. The bottom part of the cake is sponge cake up to the Dalek face then I used cereal treats and moulded them into shape to create the top part then covered in fondant icing.

Coolest Dr Who Dalek Sec Cake

Dalek Sec Cake

Looked everywhere for a Dalek cake for my son for his 9th birthday. Tried to make a chocolate one but had an unmitigated disaster when at 12.30am (after 4 hours of work) the day before his party the whole thing collapsed and went up my white wall – much to my horror!! My hubby reassured … Read more

Coolest Dalek Birthday Cake

Homemade Dalek Birthday Cake

Our family is Who crazy. For my son’s 14th birthday, I wanted to make a Dalek cake. I saw so many awesome cakes online and thought “No way can I do that”. Easier done than I thought and went ahead with this Homemade Dalek Birthday Cake. I made 3 8″x3″ round cakes (1 for the … Read more

Coolest Dalek And Cybermen Cake

Mini Daleks & Cybermen Cake

With a little help from my boyfriend, these mini monsters were created for my birthday in February 2008. The core of each Dalek is a mini chocolate Swiss roll, covered in extra melted chocolate. The dome was created with a marshmallow filled teacake ‘glued’ to the top. The stalks are candy sticks, the lights on … Read more

Coolest Dalek Cake

Dalek Cake

The difficult part of this Dalek cake is getting the shape right. I found a paper template on the internet which really helped. To make the main part of the body I made a large flat chocolate cake then cut 4 oval shapes out in decreasing sizes and stuck one on top of the other … Read more

Coolest Doctor Who Darlik Birthday Cake

Homemade Doctor Who  Darlik Birthday Cake

I made this Doctor Who Darlik Birthday Cake for my son on his ninth birthday. It took 11 hours to make. I started by making eight deep sponge cakes bases and I used a baked bean tin for its head and a small bowl for the top. I used butter icing with jam between each … Read more

Coolest Dalek (Doctor Who) Cake

Homemade Dalek (Doctor Who) Cake

Here is a Dalek (Doctor Who) Cake that I have made for a friend’s little boy, who is turning eight. I found a picture of a Dalek online, then used this to help create the cake. I made a template to get the shape right and used it to cut out the shape of the … Read more

Coolest Dalek Birthday Cake 10

Homemade Dalek Birthday Cake

This Dalek Birthday Cake was my 1st ever attempt at making a birthday cake for my kids. It is a chocolate Dalek. I made 3 8″ cakes and a small cake in a domed dish for the top. I then shaped the cakes to try to get the shape of a Dalek and Daddy made … Read more

Coolest Dr Who Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

This is a Dr Who cake. I alternated the cake inside, one layer vanilla, next layer chocolate, to give everybody a choice of flavor. I think its about four cakes high (I lost track! but is about 15-16 inches high) and has fresh cream in between layers. I started with the oval shape at the … Read more

Coolest Dr Who Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

This Dr Who cake is the Tardis from Dr Who, made for my husband whos a big fan! It was assembled from three shop bought marble slab cakes but could be made from stacked squares of homemade cake. The top square needs to be trimmed to a point to make the roof. Stick and cover … Read more

Coolest Darlek Cake

Homemade Darlek Cake

This Darlek cake was a fruit cake which I made for a colleague at work who is a big Dr Who fan. It was quite difficult to get the shape right. I used a wooden dowel for the arms and I made the board dark blue and flicked silver dust to look like stars, and … Read more

Cool Homemade Dr Who Birthday Cake

Homemade Dr Who Birthday Cake

This Dr Who Birthday Cake was made for a 40th birthday party for a friend. I didn’t know anything about Dr. Who so it took a lot of research. I decided to go with the most popular Dr. Who with the famous scarf. I tried to make it look like the cliff scene from one … Read more