Coolest Lizzie McGuire Cake Ideas

Coolest Lizzie McGuire Cake Ideas and Photos

I made this Lizzie McGuire cake for my daughter’s 9th birthday. She wanted to have a Lizzie McGuire party but there are no cake decorations or cake pans to assist with making this type of Lizzie McGuire cake. I got a picture from an online coloring book and placed it under a piece of wax … Read more

Coolest Lizzie McGuire Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

I made this Lizzie Mcguire cake for my daughter who was turning 8. I used a 16″ square pan. The icing is buttercream and the Lizzie picture is a Frozen Buttercream transfer. Basically what you do is put the picture you want to copy under a piece of glass, cover the glass with waxed paper … Read more