Coolest Elmo Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips 6

I made this Elmo birthday cake for my nephew Ethans 2nd birthday. Elmo was one of his first words so it was an easy choice. I added crayon candles that I found in the grocery store (Elmo loves his crayons!) that happened to match the Elmo paper plates that were available at that time. I … Read more

Coolest Elmo Cake Photos and How-To Tips 10

My daughter was very into Elmo, so for her second birthday, I did an Elmo theme. I bought a cake pan to make balls and put the ball together for Elmos head. I cut off part of the back so it would lay flat securely. I made an 8×11 cake and trimmed it to make … Read more

Coolest Homemade Elmo Holding Balloons Birthday Cake

Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake

With the help of my daughter-in-law and grand-daughter I did the Elmo Birthday Cake cake using the Wilton Elmo face. Steph drew the body and Sam designed the balloon cakes to go with Elmo. It took 6 cake mixes to make the whole project. Two large butter cream batches. Lots of red and use the … Read more

Coolest Elmo Birthday Cake

Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake

I made this Elmo birthday cake for my son’s first birthday! I got the idea for the cake from one that I found on the internet. It is very similar to that one with just a few of my own variations! This is a three tiered (with each tier being double layer) cake with fondant. … Read more

Adorable Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake for my Little Girl

Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake

My little girl loves Elmo and has many Elmo toys. Since she likes Elmo so much, I decided to design and make my own Elmo Birthday Cake. This cake is a butter cake which is “hard” enough for the fondant to rest onto. I bought ready made fondant from supermarket, rolled it flat and cover … Read more

Cool Elmo Cake

Elmo Cake

I baked my Elmo cake in a 14″ x 14″ square pan using 2 cake mixes. I took out about a cup of the batter and baked in a small glass mixing bowl for Elmo’s face. After the cake cooled I trimmed the round one to be more of an oval shape and cut out … Read more

Cute Homemade Elmo Birthday Sheet Cake

Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake

My daughter loves Elmo. So for her 2nd birthday I decided to make her Elmo Birthday Cake myself. I looked online for ideas and came to this sight. I got a lot of inspiration from here but I looked elsewhere to find a picture of Elmo that I really liked. I ended up finding one … Read more

Cute Homemade 3D Red Velvet Elmo Cake

Homemade Elmo Cake

This Elmo Cake is make out of a modified Red Velvet Cake Mix, a homemade Butter Cream frosting recipe AND 4 MILLION gallons of Red Food Coloring! His head was held on by Bamboo skewers (be carful with little kids and skewers). Decorating Tip #33 was used to make him furry! The eyes are marshmallows … Read more

Coolest Elmo Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips 7

This Elmo birthday cake was made in the Elmo cake pan. It was pretty easy to decorate. Its mostly red star tipped icing. The mouth was tricky to get to look nice. A toothpick and slightly moist offset spatula helped define and smooth. I cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of this Sesame … Read more

Coolest Elmo Cake Photos and How-To Tips 11

This Elmo cake is the first cake I have ever decorated, so it was quite an accomplishment for me. I made it for my sons 2nd birthday. I started with a round cake and cut off a triangular shape off the two sides to create Elmo’s shaped face. Then scooped out a bit of cake … Read more