Coolest Wiggles Birthday Cake

Homemade Wiggles Birthday Cake

I made this Wiggles Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I did read the other submissions on this website to get ideas on how to bake this cake. My daughter absolutely loved the cake, so thank you all the mums who helped me bring a smile to Maya’s face. I used the Wilton car … Read more

Coolest Henry the Octopus from Wiggles Kid Cake Ideas

Coolest Kid Cake Photos and How-To Tips

Henry the Octopus from The Wiggles is our 2-year-old daughters’ favourite character (she even got to meet him at Dreamworld and of her own accord gave him a kiss goodbye!). So when my husband and I started organizing her party we knew what the kid cake had to be. For amateurs it was very challenging … Read more

Coolest Wiggles Cakes and How-To Tips 10

This cake was created for my daughters (Amber) 2nd birthday. She is a big Wiggles fan so we decided to make her the “Big Red Car” and of course the four Wiggles. The base of the cake is just a large rectangle cake pan. The car was a cake pan in the shape of a … Read more

Coolest Dorothy the Dino Designed Cakes 2

This was done for my little girls second birthday. The cake topper I made using fondant/gum paste. The arch and roses were made from gum paste and Dorothy was made from fondant. The top layer of this cake is made from a florist block and cut and covered to make it look like real cake. … Read more

Homemade Wiggles Big Red Car Cake

Wiggles Big Red Car Cake

I got the design for my Wiggles Big Red Car cake from the other wonderful cakes on this site. I used the standard star tip technique, which is no-where near as hard as it looks. I bought a Wiggles car toy and pulled it apart to get the figurines and steering wheel to sit in … Read more

Coolest Wiggles Birthday Cake

Homemade Wiggles Birthday Cake

This cake was made for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She is obsessed with the Wiggles so it was easy to pick the theme for the cake. Cake is 2 layers of buttercake in each level with buttercream filling. Layers were crumb coated and iced with buttercream and put in the fridge overnight to harden. The … Read more

Coolest Captain Feathersword Cake from Wiggles

Coolest Wiggles Birthday Cake Photos and Tips

I used a picture of Captain Feathersword from one of my daughter’s coloring books and I sketched it enlarging it on three sheets of paper and cut it out having three separate pieces. I baked two 9X13 cakes and used my pattern to cut out the pieces to make this Wiggles birthday cake. I used … Read more

Coolest Wiggles Cakes and How-To Tips 11

My son is a Wiggles Junkie and he loves their Big Red Car. I was on a Wiggles craft site one day and saw a picture of a cake that a mom had made her son of the Big Red Car, so I emailed her to find out where she got the cake mold… Wilton … Read more

Coolest Dorothy the Dino Designed Cakes 3

I used an extra large rectangular baking dish with three packet cake mixes to make the sponge. I downloaded a picture of Dorothy from the Wiggles website and blew it up on the photocopier. Using cocktail sticks to keep it in place. I cut around the outline of the cake. I had to cut out … Read more

Coolest Dorothy the Dinosaur Cake

Dorothy the Dinosaur

I made a Dorothy the Dinosaur (Wiggles character) cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I baked 3 small cakes, 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch rounds. The cake I baked was caramel mud but you could use any firm cake. Then I assembled the cake sort of like a snowman, the largest cake at … Read more

Coolest Wiggles Birthday Cake

Homemade Wiggles Birthday Cake

This Wiggles Birthday Cake was the first time I’d ever tried anything like this and my two-year-old grandson was thrilled with it! The cake inside was confetti which made for a cute CUT cake as well. He loved HIS own picture inside and kept saying “Garrison ride big red car!” I used cupcakes for the … Read more

Coolest Wiggles Car Birthday Cake Ideas for Children 1

My son loves The Wiggles. We were having a Wiggles themed party for his third birthday so the obvious choice was the Big Red Car for the cake. I was a little overwhelmed! I Googled big red car cakes and found this awesome site which has so many birthday cake ideas for children. I used … Read more