Coolest Princess Peach Cake

Homemade Princess Peach Cake

This birthday Princess Peach Cake was made for our neighbor, Sami’s, 11th birthday. Apparently Princess Peach, who is a character of Super Mario Brothers, is quite popular, especially amongst girls, yet there is very little out there in the way of figurines and other paraphernalia that could be used to build a cake design. After … Read more

Coolest Princess Peach Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Peach Birthday Cake

My daughter Serena is a real Princess Peach fan, so for her 7th birthday, I gave her a Princess Peach Birthday Cake! I started by baking a regular 8 in round cake followed by baking a smaller Pyrex glass bowl to sit on top of the round. I iced the cake in light pink buttercream, … Read more

Coolest King Boo Cake

Homemade King Boo Cake

This was my first real success with fondant – it’s so fun when it comes out well! I originally was going to make a Mario cake for my son, but he was sold on King Boo. I found a picture of King Boo online to help me with the face (I also referenced the other … Read more

Coolest Yoshi Cake

Homemade Yoshi Cake

I made this Yoshi Cake for my son’s 6th birthday. He is addicted to video games and loves to play Mario Kart, so my husband and I thought that would be a perfect theme for his party. There are a plethora of ideas on the internet with ideas for that theme. For this cake I … Read more

Coolest Super Mario Brothers One Up Mushroom Cake

Homemade Super Mario Brothers One Up  Mushroom Cake

My son is turning eight today and LOVES Super Mario Brothers and LOVES the color green. So I thought what better to do than a green one up mushroom! I first baked a cake in a 13″ round pan. After the cake cooled, I cut the circle into a mushroom by cutting the bottom half … Read more

Coolest Super Mario Birthday Cake

Homemade Super Mario Birthday Cake

My son is obsessed with Super Mario at the moment, and wished for nothing else but a Super Mario Birthday Cake for his 4th birthday! The finished product is a mix of ideas I got off this web site, it was my 1st ever try at baking and modeling with marzipan and sugarpaste. It took … Read more

Coolest Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

Homemade Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

My grandson is a HUGE Mario fan, so it was no surprise to me when he asked for a Homemade Mario Brothers Birthday Cake for his sixth birthday. Yoshi is his favorite character, so he wanted Yoshi to be the center of attention. I made Yoshi using a rice krispie formed around a shish kabob … Read more

Coolest Super Mario Brother Cake Photos and How-To Tips 3

I did this Super Mario brother cake for my son. He is #1 fan of Mario. All the decorations are made with store (supermarket) bought almond paste. I took a drawing of Mario and I reproduced the drawing. I separated each part of the body separately. I colored the almond paste with food coloring and … Read more