Coolest 1984 Retro Cake

Coolest 1984 Retro Cake

My son came to me and asked me to make a birthday cake for his fiance as she was turning 30 years old.  Of course the first thing I asked was what would you like?  Her surprise party was going to be 80s themed so he wanted an 80s themed retro cake.  The first thing … Read more

Coolest Pacman Birthday Cake for a Boy

Coolest Pacman Birthday Cake for a Boy

This  Pacman birthday cake  was a surprise birthday cake for my nephew. He loves Pacman so I made one. My daughter helped to design it. The hardest part was smoothing out the ghost and Pacman. It took about an hour to mix icing and decorate. We made it with chocolate icing and white to mix … Read more

Coolest 80’s Theme Rubik’s Cube Cake

Coolest 80's Theme Rubik's Cube Cake

Jenna wanted a fun birthday cake for her husband’s big 3-0! She sent me her birthday invites which were 80’s themed and so cool! The bottom tier was Pac-Man, the middle tier was a Rubik’s cube and the top was a throw back to Mario, except it was Brian coming out of the pipe. The … Read more

Coolest Homemade PacMan Theme Cake

Pacman Cake

I made this Pacman cake for my brother’s 40th birthday. He was a huge fan when we were kids. I baked two layer cakes, stacked them and when I cut out the mouth for Pacman, I used the leftovers to make the dots and ghost. I covered it with buttercream icing, using stars and the … Read more

Coolest Pacman Cake

Pacman Cake

First I made just a rectangle cake for this Pacman cake. To decorate it I made a cupcake and cut off the top for Pacman. Then I got colored Twizzlers for the walls of the game. For the dots I just used M&M’s and 4 marshmallows for the white dots. Since it was close to … Read more

Coolest Pac Man Cup Cakes

Homemade  Pac Man Cup Cakes

These Pac Man Cup Cakes was a very simple cake to make. It was a friend’s 30th Birthday and my challenge was to come up with a cake which was reminiscent of his childhood as it was now truly in the past. The basis of this design is 16 cup cakes (I made 8 chocolate … Read more

Coolest and Most Simple Pac Man Birthday Cake

Homemade Pac Man Birthday Cake

I made this Pac Man cake along with a Rubik’s Cube cake. This was for a surprise birthday party. I used a large, deep pizza pan, probably about 10″ or 12″. I covered the cake with yellow fondant and the eye with black. The dot in Pac Man’s mouth was an after thought; I took … Read more

Coolest Pac Man Birthday Cake

Homemade Pac Man Birthday Cake

I made my daughter this Pac Man Birthday Cake for her 11th birthday. Her party was 80’s themed at a roller rink. Pac-man was so easy! He is an 8in round cake with a wedge cut out for his mouth with a whopper for an eye. Blinky didn’t turn out so well ( I think … Read more

Coolest Pacman 35th Birthday Cake

Coolest Pacman 35th Birthday Cake

I couldn’t imagine what I asked my friend for when I said I wanted a Pacman 35th Birthday Cake. I was thinking, round cake with a slice cut out and yellow icing. She thought on a whole different level. This is the results. CAN YOU SAY I LOVED MY CAKE!!!

Cool Homemade Pac Man Birthday Cake

Homemade Pac Man Birthday Cake

I made this homemade Pac Man birthday cake for a good friends’ surprise party. My friend wanted her hubby to have an 80’s party, so we looked around for ideas. I saw a lot of tiered cakes that included Pac Man and we decided just Pac Man would be cool enough. The cake is a … Read more

Coolest Pacman Cupcakes

Pacman Cupcakes

These Pacman cupcakes were inspired by the arcade game. I wanted to include all elements of the arcade game for my husband’s birthday. I have seen a couple of versions of the Pacman cakes but none that were all cupcakes. The cupcakes themselves are a cake mix and then frosted. I then used rolled fondant … Read more

Coolest Pacman Game Cake

Homemade Pacman Game Cake

I was really inspired to make this Pacman Game Cake by my dad. He has always gotten the high score on anytime he tries, at any different arcade. He will try and try until he does and I think of this game as the family game but, he is always the champion. I made it … Read more

Cool Homemade Pac Man Maze Birthday Cake

Homemade Pac Man Birthday Cake

I got this idea for a Pac Man Birthday Cake online at “15 cool and cute cupcakes for the ultimate geek”. I started with mini unfrosted chocolate cupcakes. I glued them down on my base with a small dot of hot glue on the bottom of the paper liner so they wouldn’t jostle. I cut … Read more

Coolest Pacman Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

My daughter wanted a Pacman cake for her 11th birthday and I figured it would be easy enough so I gave it a try and I think it turned out well. I used a single layer 10in round for Pacman and cut out a slice for the mouth. I used pre-colored yellow fondant to give … Read more

Coolest Pacman Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

Because I live in Texas and my grandson Toby lives in Illinois I made his birthday cake from cake mixes and canned icing but he was just as happy as if I had made it from scratch because he got to help. A 9in round pan was used for this Pacman cake. A wedge was … Read more

Coolest Pacman Cake Photos and How-To Tips 2

My 4 year old son wanted a Pacman cake! It was fairly easy. I used an 8″ round cake pan and made 2 layers. I didnt trim off the top to have a flat surface as I wanted it a bit rounded on top for Pacman’s shape.t trim off the top to have a flat … Read more