Coolest Viva Pinata Cake

Whirlm Cake from Viva Pinata

I made these Whirlm cakes for my son’s 9th birthday. They are characters from Viva Pinata, an X box game and TV show in the UK. I used two bundt cakes and cut them to the shapes I wanted and crumb coated them with buttercream frosting. I decorated with a star tip, mostly in the … Read more

Coolest Viva Pinata Whirlm Cake

Homemade Viva Pinata Whirlm Cupcake Cake

Inspired by another Whirlm cake I saw on this site, I made a Viva Pinata Whirlm cupcake cake for my son’s Viva Pinata birthday party! I planned out on the computer how I would arrange my cupcakes (making sure they’d fit in a sheet cake box for transportation). I then purchased orange-frosted cupcakes from the … Read more