Coolest 4th Birthday Jungle Cake

Homemade 4th Birthday Jungle Cake

A friend of mine wanted me to do a cake for her son’s 4th birthday. When they came over to discuss the theme I asked the little boy what he liked best and he promptly told me ‘animals’ and ‘dinosaurs’. Therefore I wanted to create a cake which shows animals and also dinosaurs and came … Read more

Coolest Pirates Cake

Homemade Pirates Cake

One of my friend’s came to me and asked me to make a cake for her son’s birthday. She told me that he likes pirates very much especially their ships and wanted me to do something awesome for her son. She also gave me some playmobil toys which of course represent pirates to put them … Read more

Coolest 50th Cake

Homemade 50th Cake

I baked this 50th cake for my husband who was 50 on 1st Jan. I started by baking two 9” x 13” sponge cakes, these were then left to cool, and then filled with jam and butter cream. I then cut out a template in card to resemble a 50 but where the 5 and … Read more

Coolest Animal Print Cake

Homemade Animal Print Cake

This animal print cake was made for a customer whose daughter was turning 21. She’s a model and is apparently really into animal print. First, I worked on the gum paste bow since it needs a few days to dry. I tinted some gum paste with a very small amount of Wilton brown icing color … Read more

Coolest First Bithday Cake

Homemade First Birthday Cake

I made this First Birthday Cake for the 1st birthday of my friend’s son. She left all the design in my hands so I didn’t want to disappoint her. When I think about babies, somehow teddy bears pop up in my mind and at the same time I wanted to include a big number 1 … Read more

Coolest Handbag Cake

Homemade Handbag Cake

I made this handbag cake for my daughter who is 28. I baked an 8” square cake and filled it with butter cream and jam and then cut the one side of the cake flat, stood the cake on its side and shaped the top of the cake. Then I covered it in butter cream … Read more

Coolest Music Cake

Homemade Music Cake

I made this music cake for my pastor’s wife. Yes, she was “13” because she is a leap year baby so our church threw her a 13th birthday party! She is also our music director and plays the piano, which is why I went with the music theme. The top tier was made of 2 … Read more

Coolest Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

I was asked to prepare a Castle Birthday Cake for a little princess. I did a normal round fruit cake and covered it in white sugarpaste. Then I took 4 white modeling paste cylinders which I had prepared the day before so that they can settle hard enough to stand and positioned them on the … Read more

Coolest Bear Christening Cake

Homemade Bear Christening Cake

I baked this Bear Christening cake for my daughter’s friend for a Christening. I started by making the bear’s body, arms, legs and head. I then pushed a cocktail stick through the body, cut off some of the stick so it didn’t protrude through the head. I then attached the head. When the head was … Read more

Coolest Flowers Giant Cupcake

Homemade Flowers Giant Cupcake

Flower giant cup cake. Ingredients: 16oz self raising flour 16oz caster sugar 16oz margarine 8 eggs Vanilla essence 3tbs milk Set oven on gas 3. Mix all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl, until well mixed then put on high speed for about 5 minutes. Grease the giant cup cake mold well with butter … Read more

Coolest Guitar Cake

Homemade Guitar Cake

This guitar cake was made to match a favorite guitar. I baked 2 11×15-in cakes and layered them together. To make the guitar shape, I really struggled with how to get an image that big, but then I remembered…my 5-year-old daughter had a little Barbie Fender guitar!! So I used it to trace an image … Read more

Coolest Barbie Ball Cake

Homemade Barbie Ball Cake

My friend’s daughter was turning 5 and she wanted to make her a doll’s cake. I simply love these sort of cakes and since I saw her a bit worried on how she could do it, I offered to do it for her, an offer which she accepted immediately!. She told me that her daughter’s … Read more