Easy But Fancy-Looking Butterfly Birthday Cake

Easy But Fancy-Looking Butterfly Birthday Cake

This butterfly birthday cake was for my granddaughter’s seventh birthday, and she loved it. I used nine-inch heart-shaped pans. The top wings were each a single heart, the lower wings were a single heart cut in half. The body was Rice Crispy treats, and the antennas were Twizzlers. Half was chocolate cake, and the half … Read more

Cool Homemade Princess Doll Cake with Pink Dress

Coolest Princess Doll Cake

A week after my rolled fondant seminar, I tried my skill to put in practice what I learned. It was smooth procedure doing my first ever doll cake. Though, was also with an aim of giving a first hand learning to my 3 grand children who were on their summer vacation. With them, we went … Read more

Coolest Easter Basket Cake 2013

Coolest Easter Basket Cake

I made a basket cake for our Easter celebration in the church. I imagine this cake to look like a real basket so I decided to make the base color to be brown and since I like the pink color I put a little touch of pink color on it. I used the whipped cream … Read more

Easy Peacock Cake You Can Make Last-Minute!

Easy Peacock Cake

Here’s how I made this last-minute easy Peacock cake. It was my niece’s sweet sixteen and I offered to make her cake. She has LOVED zebra and pink for as long as I can remember. I thought a couple of zebra stripes on a white cake with pink startips! Easy-peasy, right? Well, when I called … Read more

Coolest Easter Calla Lilly Cake

I have wanted to make gum paste calla lilies since I made only one from cake decorating class last July. Easter is here and here they are in multiple colors too! I wanted them in different colors since Easter has bright colors. I started making these about three days prior to Easter and a few were made the night … Read more

Cool Homemade Coach Purse Cake for my Mother in Law

Coolest Coach Purse Cake

Here’s the story behind making this Coach purse cake. My mother in law’s birthday was late February. Like most women they all like bags and can’t get enough of them. My inspiration for making this Coach purse cake was actually her bag which is black. Since red her favorite color I made a red cake. I like … Read more

Coolest Kimono Doll Cake

Coolest Kimono Doll Cake

My mother’s birthday was last weekend and she used to perform at the Okinawan Festival here in Hawaii in September each year for about 15 years. I thought she would enjoy this doll cake and I was up to the challenge to making one. Her favorite color is blue. I used a floral impression mat … Read more

Coolest Austin Mini Cake

Cool Austin Mini Cake

I took cake decorating classes from June to November of last year and always challenging myself to taking cake decorating to the next level–something you can’t just go to the bakery store or supermarket and pull off the shelf. So in early March it was my father in law’s birthday and he loves cars. My … Read more

Owl Love You Always

I had never attempted a 3-D animal cake like this owl cake before. I had tried one previously, but it was pretty much flat to a cake board.   This time I wanted to do something special for my granddaughter.  Her room is decorated with a mural that shows several owls sitting on a limb, and she has a … Read more

Coolest Nike Tennis Shoe Cake

I made this Nike tennis shoe cake for a friend of mine. I was asked to make a shoe cake of the Lebron James blue Diamond tennis shoe, also called the wind chill. This was the first time I tried my cake decorating skills with cake carving. I watched videos of how to make tennis shoe cakes and … Read more

Coolest Chevy Caprice Cake

I made this Chevy Caprice Cake for my son-in-law’s birthday. He requested a cake that looked like his 1983 Chevy Caprice on 22’s with swagger rims with gold trim. He has an ugly green skull hanging in the windshield, he wanted to make sure that his green skull was there. I took lots of pictures and created … Read more

Super Cool 80’s Cake

Super Cool 80's Cake

This super cool 80’s cake was created for a 30th birthday girl born in the 80’s. For me this was a trip down memory lane, graduating in 1987 it was hard to narrow down what to put on the cake. I was able to create several items in rice krispie treats like a Rubik’s cube, boom box and … Read more