Coolest Coors Light Birthday Cake

Homemade Coors Light Birthday Cake

i made this Coors Light Birthday Cake for my fiances sister’s birthday. The Coors light was made from rice crispy’s covered in fondant. I used fondant for the strips and for the top dome which is cake inside. It was really fun to make.

Coolest Homemade Beer Cake Design

Homemade Beer Cake Design

I made this Beer Cake Design for my husband’s friend who came home after working out of state for 4 months WITHOUT his favorite beer! Hence the Labatt’s Blue Cake! I baked a couple round cakes, used a wide glass to cut out circles and stacked them with butter cream between each layer. I placed … Read more

Coolest Bucket of Beer Cake

Homemade Bucket of Beer Cake

This Bucket of Beer cake was made for a friend/coworker’s husband for his birthday. He and his friends like a local restaurant that serves blue buckets filled with ice and bottles of beer on their deck during the summer months. I’ve made beer bucket cakes and wine bucket cakes for my husband and a few … Read more

Coolest Corona Bottle Cake

Homemade Corona Bottle Cake

This Corona bottle cake was made out of a simple box cake (whatever flavour). The icing was homemade with a simple butter and icing sugar recipe. The Corona beer bottle was shaped out of craft store bought gum paste. (Fondant will work also but gum paste can be purchased in smaller quantities). The gum paste … Read more

Coolest Beer Can Cake

Homemade Beer Can Cake

I decided to make this beer can cake for my schools building administrator, the night before his birthday. We were amused to find out that the other was, not only a “cheap beer drinker”, but that we preferred the same kind. Since I was under no pressure to make it, I wasn’t concerned if it … Read more

Coolest Budweiser Birthday Cake

Homemade Budweiser Birthday Cake

This is a Budweiser Birthday Cake I made for my brother’s birthday. This is the first cake I have ever tried to make, so it’s not my best but not my worst either. So for all you non cake makers this could be something easy enough for you to do! I needed an idea to … Read more

Cool Homemade Corona Bottle Cake

Homemade Corona Bottle Cake

This Corona bottle cake was made to look like a Corona beer bottle. I used four layers of 6 inch round cakes, then added five cupcakes to create the neck of the bottle. The hardest part was making sure that I had the cake secure so that it would not topple over. I used skewers … Read more

Coolest Beer Bottle Cake

Sugar Beer Bottle Cake

This is my second sugar beer bottle cake. It was made for a coworker’s husband for his birthday. He and his friends visit a restaurant that serves blue buckets of beer on their deck during the summer. I made the bottle mold from a beer bottle using Amazing Mold Putty. The beer bottles and ice … Read more

Cool Homemade Budweiser Birthday Cake

Homemade Budweiser Birthday Cake

My grandpa turned 80 years old, and I was asked to do his cake. I knew he loves Budweiser, he has for my entire life, so this Budweiser Birthday Cake is what I chose to make his cake look like. I baked a sheet cake, and iced it with red butter cream frosting. I got … Read more

Cool Homemade Beer Bottle Cake

Homemade Beer Bottle Cake

I made this Beer Bottle Cake for our friend’s surprise birthday party. He’s quite the beer connoisseur so I made this cake using his favorite beer as the idea. There are actually quite a lot of recipes that use beer in the cake mix, but I was short on time and couldn’t risk the cake … Read more

Coolest Beer Bucket Cake

Homemade Beer Bucket Cake

I made this homemade beer bucket cake using two 8” round cakes (it could have been made larger). This is a chocolate cake with Oreo cream filling between the 3 layers. This cake required only one box of cake mix and about 5 cups of filling/frosting (I iced the cake thick on the outer edges … Read more

Coolest Lone Star Beer Cake

Homemade Lone Star Beer Cake

This was for a slide show party I hosted with friends from college and just thought that our favorite beer from the time was appropriate. I used a casserole dish as the pan and the shape was just perfect as it bowed a little on the sides. The same shape can probably be achieved with … Read more

Coolest Miller Lite Cake

Homemade Miller Lite Cake

I made this Miller Lite Cake for my older sister’s 23rd birthday. I knew I wanted to make a theme cake and since my sister is a Miller Lite fan I thought I would give it a shot. The cake is actually made up of 2 9×13 cake pans and is simple boxed white cake. … Read more

Fun Cake Designs for Drink-Shaped Birthday Cakes 9

This cake was for my husband’s friend and we couldnt think of a thing he liked more, so I took a beer box and copied it on my scanner in reverse and used the gel transfer method to get it on the cake. That is where you put a piece of wax paper over the … Read more

Coolest Bud Light Beer Bottle Cake

Homemade Bud Light Beer Bottle Cake

I began by cutting two of the same beer bottle shapes out of a single layer sheet cake. I then added a thin layer of icing and stacked one bottle on top of the other. At this point, I place the cake in the freezer until frozen. (It makes it easier to carve and ice.) … Read more

Coolest Amstel Light Can Birthday Cake

Homemade Amstel Light Can Birthday Cake

This is an Amstel Light Can Birthday Cake I made for my Dad’s 60th birthday. I used 4 round 9″ cakes. Cut each cake in half and stood the halves on their ends to make the half can shape. I filled with chocolate ganache between each layer and crumb coated in buttercream. I carved a … Read more

Fun Cake Designs for Drink-Shaped Birthday Cakes 11

From the many fun cake designs on this site, I chose to make this beer bottle cake. I used a lemon cake, carved it into a bottle shape and covered it with icing. Fondant was then laid over in sections (yellow, white, black). The writing and artwork on the white part of the label was … Read more

Coolest Beer Cooler Birthday Cake

Homemade Beer Cooler Birthday Cake

I made 2 small oval cakes for this Beer Cooler Birthday Cake. I used 1 cake mix baked according to directions. Let cool completely. Then ice between layers with buttercream. I found the directions for making sugar bottles online and thought I would try it. It took longer to make the mould than it was … Read more

Coolest Budweiser Cake

Homemade Budweiser Cake

This Budweiser Cake was made for my dad and is Poker Playing Friends. I used a 1/2 sheet, cut it in half and stacked it so the cake measured 12″x 9″. It was frosted and filled with buttercream icing. I made the “wood” out of fondant and this was made days in advance. I then … Read more

Fun Cakes Shaped Like Drinks 2

Found this cake in a cake decorating book for fun cakes and made it for my husbands welcome home return from active service in Iraq. I used store bought marzipan and fondant icings. Make or buy fruitcake. Cut out circles the size of a champagne bottle (the higher the cake the less circles you will … Read more

Coolest Beer Bottle Cake Design

Homemade Beer Bottle Cake Design

I made this Homemade Beer Bottle Cake Design for my brother’s birthday this weekend. Everyone was amazed. The bottles are made of sugar, as well as the ice cubes. The bowl for mixed nuts was also made of sugar. I had a great time making this cake. The bucket is German chocolate cake with German … Read more

Coolest Heineken Beer Bottle Birthday Cake

Homemade Heineken Beer Bottle Birthday Cake

My name is Sarah Campbell from Long Island New York and this Heineken Beer Bottle Birthday Cake is my second cake on the website. It is a red velvet Heineken bottle cake made for my boyfriend Leon’s 29th birthday! I started off using two separate pans to create the general shape of the cake. One … Read more

Fun Cakes Shaped Like Drinks 4

A fellow employee wanted me to make a beer mug cake for him. Once I told him that I like to make fun cakes and that I had a pan for it. I made the cupcakes because I didnt think the cake was going to make enough for everyone to have a piece. The mug … Read more

Coolest Beer Birthday Cake

Homemade Beer Birthday Cake

I started this Beer Birthday Cake by baking one cake in a 1pint pudding bowl, and another cake in a 7inch tin. I used :- 10oz self raising flour 10oz caster sugar 10oz butter 2 tbs milk 1tsp vanilla essence 5 eggs This is the mixture for the two cakes! It took the pudding cake … Read more