Coolest Disney Princess Cake Pops

Disney Princess Cake Pops

This was my very first attempt at making cake pops, but I was up to the challenge.  I bought a Babycakes Cake Pop Maker.  It makes 12 little pops every 4 – 6 minutes, depending on the recipe.  I actually bought another one to make them twice as fast!  My granddaughter chose the flavors…”chocolate, vanilla, … Read more

Coolest Lollipop Cake

Homemade Lollipop Cake

This is a super easy lollipop cake. I made it for my son’s 5th birthday which was at a place called Lollipop Park so the whole party was lollipop themed. I started with a box of cake mix and made 24 cupcakes and 12 mini cupcakes. I also cheated and bought icing from the bakery … Read more

Cool Homemade Lollipop Cake

Homemade Lollipop Cake

This Homemade Lollipop Cake was a winner for my daughter’s 7th Birthday and so easy! First of all make a double sized round cake so obviously you need to have a tall sided round cake tin. I used two butter cake packet mixes and blended them together to make double the mixture and then separated … Read more

Coolest Candy Party Birthday Cake

Homemade Candy Party Birthday Cake

Every year since my daughter was born 8 years ago now I have been making her birthday cake. Now I have two kids and love searching for the perfect party theme and then planning a birthday cake to go with it. The kids watch the construction which takes some time! This year I tried something … Read more